Monday, November 02, 2009

Exposed! Dada seeking alternative ways out.

From The Telegraph comes this amusing story of a man caught in the act with another man's wife.

"Love cheat Sun Meng has been given the cold shoulder by his community after picture of him
cowering naked on an air conditioner were posted online by a furious husband. Photo: CEN

"My family is ashamed and none of my own neighbours will talk to me any more," said Sun.

"I know what I did was wrong but I was afraid he would kill me.

"People are even laughing at how I look naked - but I have to point out it was a very cold day," he added." (Probably a reference to the Seinfeld episode where George experienced *shrinkage*.)


(NOTE: Today's blog above is but an exploration of different directions.)

In recent weeks, I've been pondering, sometimes desperately, what to make of this blog. After four and a half years of wailing against prevailing winds I have concluded that the country will likely get what it likely deserves: a complete financial meltdown. Not that that's a good thing, but it may be the only way to arrive at something other than what we are currently "enjoying"; something other that we so desperately need.

The powers we chose a year ago to turn the ship around have simply made a big circle in the sea. Our ship's stewards chosen to save us -- incredibly! -- wear the same faces of those who imperiled us to begin with. And our ship's 180 degree course change has turned into a complete 360, i.e., we're back *on track* -- the same old course, the wrong course. That is unless one is to believe, as announced last week, the recession is over. With one exception -- it just doesn't include
*you* (that's all of us) who have suffered most. Sadly, for anyone still in a Depression, the recession's end is a jobless recovery we are told.

Bullying Wall Street has had six months of bullishness. If you were foolish enough to miss it, where the hell were you? Too busy with the distractions of trying to find a new job? Keeping food on your family's table? Saving the roof over your head, or salvaging your old way of life when you could have been making huge gains in the latest Wall Street bubble of irrational exuberance?

And now come stories of the U.S. loosening missile technology exports to the economic controllers of our fateful financial future, the Chinese. I
s this just some right wing bullshit to further stir the angst of fearful extremists? Could the ultimate irony be delivered some day by warheads of Chinese missiles killing millions of Americans with our own exported missile technology? I don't know and more and more, I care less and less.

Or how about the news of the Taliban declining a U.S. offer to "permit" the Taliban control of 6 provinces in the south and northeast of Afghanistan, if the Taliban will just allow us ("Oh Please, PLEASE!") to have 8 NATO bases there! Ask yourself, who's negotiating from a position of strength here? The Taliban or the world's last remaining *Superpower*?

All that aside, I enjoyed today's above lapse into an alternative means of escape.

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