Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"...no other signs of violence"

There was a short article on yesterday's El Paso Times online edition describing one of the murders (usually many - 8 per day in July) in Juarez. It's written by Daniel Borunda. It's written as it should be, objective and emotionally detached. A sign of good journalism, it reads thusly:

Decapitated man found in Juárez
Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times

A man's decapitated body was found early Monday in west Juárez.

Chihuahua state police said the man was wrapped in bed sheets with his severed head laying next to him inside a white plastic bag. His right ear had been cut off and left atop the blankets. The man was nude but his clothes were left on the body.

The man had not been identified but appeared to be in his 20s. He had no other signs of violence.

"He had no other signs of violence"! I was so thankful the victim wasn't brutalized more before dying.

Maybe my reaction was exaggerated. Maybe I was just injecting a reader's shock at the brutality, compassion for the victim, or whatever, which may be misplaced. That's because the article acknowledges the cause of death has not yet been determined, pending results of an autopsy.

I mean, I guess it's possible this may have been a suicide, right?


Fran said...

Have they had so many murders in Juarez that a swift beheading is considered a good thing?

No other violence needed in that case.

Dada said...

I don't know. Maybe, Fran. The headline of a story in today's EP Times reads, "Bodies of 5 men found in parked SUV."

It goes on to explain that of the five bodies of the men inside, only one had been decapitated. (Perhaps there is some honor or special tribute implied in a beheading? Or, who knows, maybe they ran out of time to do the other 4?) But the one that was severed was in a plastic bag on the hood of the SUV. (These were in addition to 3 other homicides by Wednesday afternoon according to the Times. (Maintaining July's 8 per day avg. I guess.)

Border Explorer said...

Holy Hell, Dada. WTF???

Dada said...

Thanks B.E. for the add'l outrage. It's nice to know that you, Fran and a few others of us have not yet been totally anesthetized to the world around us!