Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dada's Dally, "C'est mon dada!"


an early 20th Century ar
tistic expression that rejected logic and
chaos and irrationality. It was a movement intended as
"against a world of mutual destruction." ( ~George Grosz, Dadaist)


Dada in art: Artist "R. Mutt" chose porcelain as his medium of choice
for the movement's most famous sculpture, entitled. "Fountain"


Dadaism redux:

- political expression as an outgrowth of the artistic movement a century
earlier. Also rejects logic in favor of chaos and irrationality, but with
one minor difference from its predecessor:
it is a movement intended
to promote a world of mutual assured destruction. (Dada 'dada')


Dada in government: Shown here as it manifests in sandstone and
marble in a fine blend with FOX News
-- often the media of choice.


D.K. Raed said...

it's a m.a.d. world, fer sure.

D.K. Raed said...

ok so I've been looking at the urinal and wondering why it was titled the fountain. is it some inuendo about what we drink in? cuz I thought dadaism had no meaning. yet I sense some undercurrent in the fountain and suddenly have a concern about a possible undertow.

Dada said...

d.k. "a possible undertow" (in the fountain?) How wonderfully delicious, er, "Dada" that was. And I think you're right. It has absolutely no meaning...lest it be juxtaposed to the "logic and rationality" of the world in which we live.