Sunday, June 07, 2009


As Mrs. Dada busied herself wrapping a graduation
present, my Editor Sam thought no one might notice
if he helped himself to the startled graduation bear!

[Editor's note: No animals were harmed during the
photographing of this horrific event. (Damn it!)]


Fran said...

Potential captions:

Just wondering-- Is that a cake???

It's cute, but does it make the squeaky sound?

D.K. Raed said...

Sam was only trying to adjust the bear's geeky glasses -- with his teeth!

(note how carefully he is mouthing the little bear, very delicately using only his front nippy teeth to get a grip)

... or maybe Sam realizes bears all have a secret plot to rule the world and didn't want to see another graduate led down that path, or have the graduation itself spoiled when the bear suddenly whipped out a palin gun & started shooting those damn balloons (don't get me started on balloons!)... so see, Sam is really living up to his Lone Ranger looks (who was that Masked Man) with a little not-so-covert preemptive catasphrophe-aversion!

Utah Savage said...

Go Sam!

Dada said...

I can't begin to understand Sam's motivation here with my mammalian brain -- that part doesn't surprise me. It's likely my (our) mammalian brainhood is just a temporary stopover point, a phase, on the way to something greater (?), like immortality (??), or better perhaps (???).

What does disturb me, however, is Sam is a fellow species of the mammalian phase, but I can't begin to understand his reasons, often, for why he does any of the things he does. Of one thing I'm certain, he KNOWS exactly what the hell he was doing when he boldly extracted the graduate bear here.

And everyone's suggestions of possibilities (and Utah, your support of Sam's 'theft in progress') are extremely appreciated.

Dada said...

Oh, forgot to include on the "stopover something greater" Extinction! ????