Friday, May 22, 2009

From forging steel to forging checks in one easy leap, or why evolution isn't always upward.

A new Sands Hotel and Casino giving renewed hope to displaced
Bethlehem Steel workers who can now retrain to regain their
dignity with futures as Black Jack dealers, waiters and busboys .


Oh lord how I loved this story! As no better metaphor for the direction in which the nation has evolved, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home of one of "the most powerful symbols of American industrial might and manufacturing leadership," Bethlehem Steel, is soon to rise from the ashes of that company's 2001 bankruptcy.

Illustrative of its resiliency and it's ability to adjust to the shifting sands of time, Bethlehem, PA will now be home to the shifting "Sands" of gambling, which will build a hotel and casino on the very grounds of former Bethlehem Steel.

But to go from one steel industry to another one takes a lot of irony. Whoops, that second one is spelled with an "a" much as our former nation of steel has become a nation of steal.

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Fran said...

Sounds like a gamble- kind of a crap shoot.