Saturday, May 23, 2009

Someone, somewhere, will evenutally die from this credit card reform bill.

Obama after signing a credit card reform bill in the rose garden,
Friday, May 22, 2009, surrounded by a bi-partisan group of whores
from that "house" on the hill, the largest legal bordello in the nation,
our congress. (Official White House photo by Chuck Kennedy)

"With this bill, we're putting in place some common-sense reforms designed to protect consumers..." (Obama)

Wait, WAIT! Since Obama neglected to mention or celebrate the other part of the bill, let me take the opportunity to put words in his mouth and finish his little ceremonial speech for him.

"Oh, and by the way, with this bill people will be allowed to carry hand guns -- concealed on their person or in their picnic baskets and beer coolers -- into our National Parks." (Dada)


QED - whores serving their special interest pimps. (Gee, maybe the NRA wasted $10 million campaigning against the election of Obama? They seem to have a friend in the White House.)


meldonna said...

"it's in the beer cooler, honey". That is rich; you certainly know how to write a good hook.

And of course, with the new president, it didn't take long to get right back to bidnez as usual. I'm not terribly surprised, which is what's really sad.

Just trying to keep hope alive.

xandtrek said...

With the power of the lobbyists, it's amazing they passed anything. This bill is a watered-down piece of crappola that doesn't go into affect for 9 months and doesn't limit interest rates on new balances.

It may be watered-down, but at least I can take my gun and go shoot Smokey Bear -- that bear is so smug.

Utah Savage said...

Well, I just cancel my scheduled camping trip. This is one more reason to stay in my gated bunker and only come out for food.

Fran said...

Have you been to a National Park lately? The chipmunks have become so aggressive- all the tourists feeding them Cheeze-its & the like, they storm your picnic table while you are sitting there.
As a red blooded amerikkkan, I can now fight back those little bastards who would interfere with my right to eat oatmeal in relative peace.


No more need to negotiate with neighbors in campgrounds either. Don't like the funky/loud music your neighbor is playing? Just shoot the boom box. Problem solved.

Tried of being stuck behind some tourist in a RV behemoth that can't stay on their side of the road?
Take out a few tires when they finally pull into a turn out.

There are lots of practical uses for firearms in National Parks. These are just a few samplings that come to mind.

As for Credit card reform.... as soon as the 21st Century bandits got wind of this they already began sending letters to ALL customers (good customers), that interest rates would rise & so would penalties

But not only are they working on Credit Card reform... they are bankrupting the treasury so NO ONE will have money to worry about anyway!

In closing, it is clear YOU are not drinking the kool aid that with the new admin in the white house, things would get progressive.

Although I am so glad the " McPalins" are not running the place, there are some major issues - war$, civil rights, lingering Bush bullshit.....
torture, health care....
all that stuff still lingers in the balance.
All those whores still for sale in Congress.

Border Explorer said...

I wonder how many people know this. I did not. Anther reason to NEVER miss even one segment of Dada's Dally.

D.K. Raed said...

Hey Mel's in da howz!

And Fran has me thinking what I can now legally do if I encounter an aggressive "ursa cheneyus" in Yellowstone! I was thinking too small prior to this liberating piece of legislation. Now I am free to shoot any threatening thing I see in a national park. Credit card skeet, anyone?

Fran said...

LOL DK ~ Credit Card Skeet!

I would not want to be a Park Ranger having to deliver the bad news that they charge extra for a 2nd car!

D.K. Raed said...

extra sweet to charge the armament & "bear" piercing bullets you'll be needing to visit a nat'l park on your new improved congressional credit card ... brought to you by the congressional bordello staffed by professionals whose only concern is YOUR complete vacation satisfaction.

Dada said...

Mel: OMG! What a nice surprise. So it was the "hook" that did it; that lured you "to bite" - to visit this "kettle of fish"? Thanks but, honestly, I'm lousy at baiting hooks but now that I've seen what a good one can draw, I'll try to put more thought into 'em in the future.

Great to see you. I pretty much had the same reaction as D.K. when I saw your comment.

To everyone who doesn't remember 'Mel,' she ran a great blog back in the 90's (OK, OK, it only seems that long ago) and would frequently drop in here at Dada's. Your visit's very fitting for a "Memorial Day" weekend.

XandTrek: OMG! Shoot Smokey (sorry, I don't care WHAT they say nowadays, he was SMOKEY THE BEAR originally...I just hate those history revisionists) The Bear?

It's bad enough NM almost fried him to death in a forest fire, isn't it?

UTAH: Sorry you won't make it to the First Annual Blogger's Memorial Day gathering at Bryce as a result of that new law (but, but, it doesn't go into effect for nine months!)

I was so looking forward to catching up with you on old Willamina (OR) friends.

Fran: I should know better. Having not been to a nat'l park in some time, I was actually believing you re the Cheezit crazed chipmunks. Of course, I soon realized it was your uncontainable (and most entertaining) wit and sarcasm simply unleashed. (I think you tickled DK's penchant for such also.) Thanks for the laughs.

Border: Whoa! How great to see you. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you're enjoying your vacation, family and friends in the upper mid-west. We look forward to your return "home" come late fall. (Also, thanks for the kind words. Curious about the credit card bill, I just accidentally tripped on a gun that inadvertently fell out of it onto the ground and, as a result, was probably why Obama failed to mention it in the Rose "Garden Party."

D.K. Credit card skeet? Yes, YES. I wouldn't be surprised -- before the CC cos. and banks are done with this -- many of us will feel like filling those little bastards full of holes (ahm, the credit cards, that is). Thanks for the nice imagery.

Fran makes an excellent (scary) point re the rangers jobs becoming "more exciting" nine months from now.

Which reminds me, I need to check in on the about-to-adjourn Texas legislature to see if they've yet passed the right to bear arms on TX university campuses. (Or maybe I'm all excited over nothing. Maybe it was the 'right to bare arms'?

Fran said...

I was trying to invoke some laughs, but I am absolutely serious about the chipmunk situation. One campground we stayed at was more like *infested* with chipmunks.

I was in a campground where people in a motorhome thought it was "cute" to hand feed the chipmunks- even though there were signs everywhere saying do not feed the animals.

We really did have very aggressive chipmunks storming the picnic table while we sat there trying to eat morning oatmeal.

The kids had brought water cannons- a large tube- you draw in the water with the long trigger & it shoots a rather strong stream of spray, for quite a distance. After shooing some rude chipmunks away several times, I loaded up the water cannon. One relentless chipmunk started to charge towards the table (seriously, this really happened), I fired the water cannon at it (hey! it's just water) it lifted the little critter up & turned it around in the opposite direction. I don;t know if it was the water assault or our roarous laughter that scared them away.... but they did back off after that- for a little while anyway.... we kept the water cannon at the ready.

Maybe you had to be there to see it, but the expression on that chipmunk's face was soooo funny~ as well seeing it sent on an unexpected about face.

* Please note I usually leave wildlife alone & respect their space, but these critters were a nuisance. I am not so citified to not think one might deliver rabies while we fought over the oatmeal!

Dada said...

Fran: OK,OK, I'm feeling less gullible for believing the beginning of your penultimate comment re the terminator chipmunks. But it just lent sooo much credibility to what followed (up to a point when I finally thought, "Oh, hey, Fran's being satirical here!" [again])

See? I guess you struck a couple of chords with me: Cheezits (which, as noted in my profile are a weakness of mine) and my last visit to Point Lobos, CA where I disregarded park warning signs, "Do NOT feed the squirrels (chipmunks or whatever those cute little creatures were I had crawling in my lap for a peanut, or was it a Cheezit? Nah, I'd NEVER share those with anyone -- as the ads remind, "Get your own god-damned Cheezits." [Whoops, sorry]) But that was over 30 years ago and I really didn't believe a little salt would cause squirrels intestines to really explode, making a real mess if they happened to be atop your picnic table just as you were about to eat.

And now I'm left wondering how many families have had their picnics destroyed because of people like me who disregarded those park warning signs not to feed the wild life; how many have lost a family member to rabies when all they intended to get were some grilled weenies and potato chips on a day's outing to commune with Nature? (Oh God, I'm sooo sorry! Really. "RIP")

But if there's one thing I can thank God for is it's: carrying legal firearms in the park wasn't legal the day you had your (hilarious, "spin 'im around" encounter with said chipmunk "leader of the pack" [or are chipmunk packs called coveys?])

Had you had your .45's and 9mm glocks, the outcome may not have been so hilarious.

(Sorry, is this off topic?)

Fran said...

We are on topic! Wild invasive critters in Ntl Parks had better head for the hills!
I usually do think the little chipmunks are cute.... these had literally jumped up in the picnic table while we were sitting there trying to eat our oatmeal, minding our own business.
Suddenly, they were less cute then they were annoying. I was not amused, plus the kids were little & my Mother/protector instinct kicked in.
In an instant they looked less marsupial like, and behaved more rodent like.

Anyway.... with the new law in place, don't be surprised if some idiot is firing away his pistol into a picnic table.
No ants are gonna invade his picnic!
Think Yosemite Sam!

PTCruiser said...

"Pic-a-nic baskets? Hey, Boo Boo."