Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Onward Christian Soldiers!"

Yesterday's quote of the day comes from Gary Hensley, an American army Lt. Colonel and leader of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan:

“The special forces guys, they hunt men, basically. We do the same things as Christians: we hunt people for Jesus. We do. We hunt them down, get the hound of heaven after them, so we get them into kingdom. Right? That’s what we do. That’s our business.” *

Wonder what percentage of Americans might have a problem with that?

*Quote via Al Jazeera, courtesy of Democracy Now, 05/04/09


Fran said...

I'm confused! I thought the military had adopted the Don't ask/Don't tell rule of operations????

Hensley is apparently pushing for an all out Jihad.

I already had a really bad feeling about the surge in Afghanistan. The 2 year heads up from the USA.
The Frontline documentary showing the extremely rugged conditions for very limited travel routes , and war histories of Afghanistan.

Now this guy essentially throwing rocks at the bees nest. Idiot!

eProf2 said...

I have a problem with these guys pushing their religion on others -- here and there!

xandtrek said...


Here is the link to the Al Jazeera article.

I am already against war -- but a religious war is dark-ages unthinkable.

D.K. Raed said...

I assume by "kingdom", he is referring to sending them to heaven (where apparently some hound of jesus awaits them)?

Ann Coulter would be so proud. I'm as repulsed by this leiutenant as by her war advice to kill all the muslim parents and convert their children to jihad jesus.

Dada said...

Amy Goodman is not letting this drop. She followed up with more on today's program. From the Pentagon's claim what Al Jazeera presented was taken out of context to the follow-up release by Al Jazeera of the full uncut tape, to soldiers being counseled how to violate their general orders without out technically violating their general orders, right up to the fuckin' t-shirt Lt. Col. Hensley's wearing in the video which, if you look closely at, shows "his affiliation with a sort of fundamentalist group called Chapel NeXt. And you can see a sort of a Christian cross inscribed over a map of Afghanistan."

While this happened ca. a year ago, I would serve career man Hensley his walking papers and also Article 15 his chaplain's assistants and conduct some remediation among God-damned soldiers who think they are Christ's disciples.

But of course, as we learned thanks to the Bush administration and now the Obama admin, we are no longer a nation of laws. We have become a nation of privileged (and bailouts to those who belong to their club).