Friday, May 01, 2009

Flue, Flew, Flu

OK, so the growth of American pig factory farms in Third World nations as facilitated by NAFTA may be catching up with us by launching pandemic viruses. Or maybe not.

It may be the first appearance of the swine flu. As a result, a slew of countries (to include China, Russia and Ukraine) are misguidedly banning pork exports from North America. Sheer over-reaction! This is not a flu contracted by eating slaughtered hogs raised in third world nations such as the U.S. or Mexico. So let's change its swine flu name to protect the bacon or sausages in our morning egg McMuffins. We wouldn't want the image of pigs crammed so tightly together in pens with other pigs that they spend their entire lives facing east, or south or some other direction because they can't even turn around!

Bird-human, bird-pig, pig-human, pig-pig, human-human, bird-bird, natural virus, manufactured virus, yadda, yadda, yadda! In this Age of Information, the source of truth may never be known, same as those who terrorized the hell out of all Americans in the fall of 2001 by sending some Americans anthrax in the mail.

OK,OK,OK, so there was much confusion about exactly what we were dealing with or what to expect from this new flu strain. Some people are still wearing masks, while others are downright panicky. Hell, some are even washing their hands!

We all know mainstream media have sufficiently tagged Joe Biden as a loose cannon such that anytime he opens his mouth in public anything is likely to come out. And does. But what a gaff he made Thursday when expressing concern for his family by suggesting they avoid riding in close quartered airplanes and subway cars (much like those pigs in factory farms).

Jesus Christ! Biden was just being a fellow human being expressing aloud his reaction for loved ones in light of a threat not fully understood. But it was newsworthy and gave us all a good laugh, right? "Oh, that screwy Biden!" But I think Biden's sin was not his verbalizing of concern by suggesting his family avoid crowded places with others who may not wear masks, or wash their hands. (Dada suggests that may be wise wherever possible even without the threat of pig flu!)

Geez Joe, as a national figure who may influence the public's reaction in these situations, you sure as hell shouldn't go around making remarks that, if taken seriously by others, may negatively impact commerce. Never add to the adversities of an economy already in collapse. Hell, there are too many bankers and politicians already doing that!

Can you imagine if Biden had reacted like the Russians and implicated the ingesting of pork as hazardous too? Hell, he'd probably have American pig factory farm hit squads after him. Fortunately for Biden he didn't.


xandtrek said...

Personally I think we should be more worried about what hormones and antibiotics are being injected into those factory farm pigs. After all, wasn't the point of NAFTA to ensure that businesses didn't have to comply with those pesky American regulations? And we really don't know what is in the pork that comes to us -- so maybe if it isn't the flu, we should still be wary.

And ya just gotta like Joe....

Dada said...

Good point. But before we go off on the chemical industry (whoops, I meant "food" industry), I want you to know that not all effects from ingesting such unheathful swine, poultry and cattle are bad.

Just as a personal note, my bust size has increased by an inch and a 1/2 (two if I inhale before measuring). I've also gone up 1/2 cup size - ah, bra, that is. All attributable, I feel, to my new ravenous appetite for sausage mostly (oh, and GM altered corn on the cob).

Fran said...

When you bean to speak of swine, I was not expecting Biden to pop up in the train of thoughts.

But Ol' Joe does tend to put the mouth in gear before engaging the brains.

I was beginning to wonder if Joe meant he'd be loaning out private vehicles & Air Force 2 for people to use, so they did not have to expose themselves to other people in tight quarters.
Working in those marble halls of the Government tends to make politicians forget there are poor people out there who don't have other options besides public transportation. Furthermore, if they do not go to work. they get evicted, foreclosed, lose health care ins, and their jobs.
I notice they made Biden take the train the next day!

Just heard on the news China is taking ANY visitor flying in from Mexico straight into quarantine
regardless of if they have any symptoms or not.
Making Biden seem downright reasonable.

Although the CDC is slow as molasses @ updating info, I am sighing a premature? sigh of relief that it has not continued to be deadly.
So does it mean that the exposure to the pig farm was so "hot" germ wise????

I'm sure the NAFTA pig farm sans regulations is seeing the reason why health regs are imposed & necessary.

I'm sure they will consider changing their ways.

When pigs fly!

enigma4ever said...

and some of us, like old grumpy nurses are trying to blog it to educate people about what is what...and trying to gather information so people are better informed....( god forbid that the MSM should Do THAT...)

the MSM is good at hyping and making mistakes...and afouling the information - esp about health....

but sadly it is a serious a health person- and knowing that 50-52 Million here have NO Healthcare ( much less insuance) and the ER system is already broken...this is a grim situation on alot of fronts....I am covering it at Watergate summer and I have set up a seperate blog about it- not to contribute to hype but to try to ascertain the facts..

DHHS is beyond broken...and well, we know what I think of our HealthCare Titanic I will hush..

sadly when alot of young people under 18 are getting it- and a fair number are being hospitalized- THAT is not part of a normal "flu" pattern...

( about Joe...well, the joke is stuff falls out of his mouth ALL the time- we just never noticed....)

Fran said...

Make that:

When you began to speak of swine....

D.K. Raed said...

oops, thought for sure Fran wuz Palin trash talk-an ... bee-an speek-an o'swine ...

Dada said...

D.K. "Ouch!" Sorry I had to read that comment so early in the day. Your use of the "P" word has adversely affected my breakfast appetite.