Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coming Soon! to your neighborhood?

Map of Mexican Drug cartel "franchises" across the U.S.
For more precise locations [red dots] of the nearest
outlets in your area, visit
NPR's Mexican Drug Cartels in the U.S.

Dada feels for the residents of places like eastern Montana, the Dakotas, New Hampshire, Maine, etc. who must drive so far to acquire fine imported drugs, which leaves me pondering: If you're a victim of the U.S. economy, out of work and in urgent need of a job with good income, maybe you should consider the career opportunities available in the franchising business?


D.K. Raed said...

not that I'm surprised to see my little red dot of a town, but I had no idea the mexican drug cartels were running meth labs. around here it's all tweakers and zombies, er I mean toothy xanaxies. no headless corpses, so far, unless you count those whose heads contain no brains.

Dada said...

Deke: Yes, as I was looking at this map (with particular interest in those areas of the country where we have friends and family), and that little Southwest corner of your state grabbed my attention.

And, yeh, the headless corpses are kept pretty much to corporate hqs., i.e., Mexico. I suppose in part because how good would that look for American's dealers heads in plastic bags to be found in the strip mall parking lot of your favorite Chinese restaurant? Users might begin to connect the dots of the consequences of their habits? Nah, just kidding.

D.K. Raed said...

Anderson Cooper just told me Juarez is militarized now. He was describing how strange it looks to see federal troops controlling the city. But he noted that the killings are down from avg of 10/day to 1/day. Then Hillary told me that the whole mess is our fault, so now I feel better. GUILT is much easier to deal with than FEAR that Juarez is a preview.

But I do wonder after hearing that some "corpse disposers" are making stew out of the "remains" if that might account for less corpses for Anderson Cooper to report on ... auggghh!

ps, so you're saying if we had a good (or even mediocre) chinese restaurant in town that that is the place I would find evidence of the mexican drug cartels "work" up here? hmmmm ... do I need decent dimsum that badly ... and what is really in that sweet/sour pork ...