Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moving up in the 'New America'

I don't know much about Kevin Fitzpatrick, age 60, other than he lost his job in November. He was living in Las Vegas at the time. And I know nothing about what kind of job it was he lost or how long he'd been working at it.

That's about all I know of Kevin Fitzpatrick, other than he eventually left Las Vegas and ended up here in El Paso.

I'm not exactly sure of his feelings, of how destitute or desperate he might have been feeling but yesterday, Kevin Fitzpatrick decided, would be the day that would change his life for the better. That's because Kevin Fitzpatrick decided to rob a bank.

And so it was that around 12:45 he walked into a neighborhood branch of Bank of America, went up to a teller's window and asked for cash. After some discussion, Kevin Fitzpatrick was seen leaving the teller's window to return to his car outside. To write a note. Perhaps to better put into words on paper what he had been unable to adquately convey in conversation to the teller.

Note completed, Kevin Fitzpatrick returned to a teller's window. I don't know if it was the same teller as before, but the teller refused his written demand.

That's when Kevin Fitzpatrick went over to the customer's waiting area and took a seat. As the police pulled up to the bank, he went out to meet therm.

The newspaper article described him as "down and out."

But Kevin Fitzpatrick's plan to improve his lot in life this Friday afternoon had been successful. That's because he can now count on three square meals a day and a roof over his head. And these days that's more than millions of Americans can count on.



Fran said...

Wow! I wonder at what point in one's life would someone decide that things have reached the point where robbing a bank is the only viable option?
50/50 chance of making off with cash, or, as you said getting meals & lodging.
Turns out a bank robber locally was thrifty- using a bike for getaway transport- either could not afford gas, car, & insurance, or was environmentally responsible?
Maybe both?
Our jail is having economic tough times though,
and although has more bed space, they can't use it because they don't have the staff, or funds.

They have not yet installed a revolving door, but they may as well.

For a non-violent crime a 5 year prison sentence equals one or two overnights & then being matrix'ed out of jail. Then again bank robberies are federal crimes, so longer chance of the "perks".

What a freaking mess!

D.K. Raed said...

what do you suppose he said to the the teller that she didn't take him seriously ... I think I want to rob you? Come back when you know and just to be sure, write it down! What did his note say ... I don't have a weapon but I need your cash? Sorry, those without weapons have to wait in the lobby until we first serve those with weapons! The men in blue are your friends, please greet them with your hands up.

he's certainly not the brightest criminal, definitely not a bank robber ... more like he's robbing your tax money to support him in jail. if you feed him, you can expect a lot more of these vegas geniuses to follow his example. then again, maybe it's better to keep him off the streets so he can't be adding to the deteriorating gene pool.

uh-oh, wait a minute, what if, just maybe ... the bank didn't have any money to give him? what if all our bank money has disappeared and good old Kevin from Vegas was just trying to give us a heads up? maybe I was too hasty in judging his mental capacity.

Fran said...

UH! DK~ Had not thought about the Bank being without cash to give.
Sorry Sir, we are waiting for a shipment of cash from the bailout, but we have our own little trickle down economy going on here & try again next week?
Better yet, go lobby Congress!

This is sounding like a bad Country & Western cry in your beer song.....

I tried to rob a bank, but they was broke
no money to give an ole' cowpoke
now I'm in jail, no money for bail
this ain't no joke

a bank was a place you could rob money
but now all ya get is 3 lousy meals in jail, honey
I went & I tried, but I was denied
fuzzy math, sure turned out funny