Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Little house parties versus big balls!

When are Americans to realize when it comes to the rapaciousness of our D.C. representatives, republicans::democrats = steam::water vapor.

Hence, it’s always small change for the wee folk thinks should be reveling their asses off in house parties across the nation on January 20th as the ‘haves’ and ‘have mores’ are groping one another with their huge balls.

(The foregoing is from a Dada comment to an excellent piece I read this morning over on Las Cruces, NM's own Grass Roots Press. Entitled Big Change Gives Way to Small Change, it is concise yet extremely powerful! Written by the publisher/editor of GRP, I am reprinting it here (sans the author's permission).


Big Change Gives Way to Small Change

January 7, 2009

By Steve Klinger.

I’ve been nudged a couple of times now to host an inauguration party for Barack Obama. says progressives are aching to celebrate and they’d love to come to my house. Maybe it’s time to get that guard dog we’ve been thinking about.

My feeling of relief on election night, which translates into appreciating right now that at least no one is urging me to host parties for McCain and Palin on Jan. 20th, included a few waves of near-elation. The moment was historic, the reversal of national fortune monumental. But two months removed from that lightheadedness, it’s hard to summon the requisite enthusiasm to actually…celebrate.

First, I think we need to get Obama a new slogan; Change We Can Believe In was effective for the campaign, but it sounds a little vapid these days and oh so passé. Let’s face it, Big Change, that sent millions of naïve voters to the polls in November, has given way to small change. With a cabinet full of Clinton appointees (including a very notable Clinton), and an economy that seems to burrow deeper into the shitcan by the day, I think it’s time Change underwent a change.

So here are some suggestions for festive banners and signage on Inauguration Day:

Change We Can Subsist On
Change We Can Panhandle For
Change We Can Spend
Change We Can Borrow
Change We Can Steal

The truth is that while Wall Street got free rides and golden parachutes, the oversight for the financial bailouts has been so lacking that the banks are refusing to tell the taxpayers who wrote the check, what they did with the money. They sure aren’t lending it, and the jobs section of the classified has pulled a vanishing act. The auto industry is on life support (as well as fed support), the stock market is still tanking, the newspaper industry is gasping for air, real estate continues to founder, and now the president-elect is talking about reviewing entitlements as the country looks at trillion-dollar-plus deficits. I don’t know how many zeroes that is but I think it means that anyone under 50 can forget about retiring.

Meanwhile, Congress considers an economic stimulus package of unprecedented proportions. If, that is, they can ever decide what to do about Roland Burris and Al Franken, which situation has given Harry Reid a chance to prove once again that he is the majority-leading invertebrate in the Senate and by far the lamest excuse for an elected official among the legions of LMGSC Democrats now in Washington. (In case you already forgot, that’s Large Mouth Gelatinous Spinal Column Democrats.)

All Reid did was bluster about how Roland Burris, appointed to Obama’s Senate Seat by that other distinguished Illinois Democrat, Rod Blagojevich, would never be seated by the Democratic caucus, until he reconsidered, slapped Burris on the back, and tried to pin the problem on the Illinois Secretary of State, who hadn’t certified Burris, no doubt taking his cues from the Senate Democrats. Naturally, if Burris can’t be seated because he isn’t properly certified, the Republicans in Minnesota can use the same justification to deny Franken the seat he now appears to have won from Norm Coleman. Reid wouldn’t even touch that issue, declining to call for a vote on Franken’s seating. There’s a lot more, but Reid isn’t worth the effort to put fingers to keyboard.

Sorry, MoveOn. On Inauguration Day, I think I’ll skip the party and just listen to Rick Warren’s invocation, so I can be reminded again how unified our nation has become as we try to figure out a way to rescue the national Ponzi scheme known as capitalism by exporting democracy to some as yet undiscovered Third World market that doesn’t realize how much it needs Wal-Mart, Starbucks and McDonald’s.


I thought that was a great piece and it goes a long way to expressing much of what I often feel. And posting it here validates my last blog of 2008 wherein I revealed my New Year's resolution was to "be less cheerful" here.

But in that I've never kept a resolution I've ever made, that was more of a dare to myself that in breaking my vow, I actually would be less vile in 2009! I was sure - like always - I would have broken it by now. So far it hasn't worked out that way, with much thanks to the above reprint from Grass Roots Press.

But, on the positive side, it means I may finally end up actually keeping a NY's resolution! (?)


eProf2 said...

The theme of "change" by Steve Klinger reminds of the insidious ad now running for taco bell about using your "change" (small coins) to double the meat in your taco. "Change" as a theme has been so overused as to render it meaningless, if it ever did have meaning in campaign. I'm surprised that Steve has become only luke-warm to Obama after his high level of enthusiasm this past summer -- remember our exchanges on whether Obama was going to explain his positions? Reality sets in rather quickly on the American political scene. Incidently, "sans" means "without." So, I thought you hijacked Steve's article until the last paragraph unless you meant the thanks because the article reinforced your being less cheerful in 2009 and not thanks for being allowed to reprint Steve's post. Either way works for me. LOL!

enigma4ever said...

okay...I confess I wrote back out MoveOn rep and explained I have NO money for a party and NO money for Celebrating anything...I wrote the Obama people too when they kept sending emails asking for money for the Inauguration.

I feel like I did MY part- my son and I gave up treats, movies and carryout and even meals to donate to his I am not feeling very all...

I find it galling when anyone sends me a "Thank you" with their Hand out ( or digging in my pocket)...

I am a frugal person...very...2nd hand rose...I never buy new...I fix up old stuff....I have bought 2 pairs of jeans in 5 years ( NEW) and 3 pairs of shoes...that's it....the rest is yard Sale and 2nd hand....( even throw out- my whole house)....I have squeaked an existance for years...But BUT I would never ever ask ANYONE for money....Never...especialy so I could throw myself a party ??????

yah know what I mean ?????

enigma4ever said...

BTW I still support Obama 100%..and will continue to do so....and especially because can you imagine the HELL we would be facing if McCain and Palin were our new leadership ? is he

But I am willing to give him a Chance and have some Faith- he is definently MUCH better than the Imbecile Criminal that sits in the WH right now...

frankly I would love to pull that UHaul up to the WH right now and help throw the Bush crap in it....oye

Fran said...

There are some troubling things w Obama-- now with the MIddle East flaring up (again), my quote of the day is being worried about Hillary as Sec. of State--

She's no Gandhi.
the historic US blind backing of Israel, guns, money, etc......

BUt I heard Obama was going to seek cut backs in Soc Sec and Medicare.... our most vulnerable.

Cut the war funds & Pentagon budget-- slash it to the bone.

But don;t even think about surges in Afghanistan,
and yes stop asking us for money and selling merchandise.

Seriously. the presidency is not a franchise to market.

Tax the rich, feed the poor.
I'm not having a party either. I;m too busy working like a dog @ my shit wage job to try to keep my house.

Dada said...

First of all -- to each of you, "Thanks!" It's obvious you put some effort into the comments made on this one.

I responded to eProf with an e-mail. Just know eProf, your visit to this area would be a treat and I think it's an excellent idea to arrange a get together with the Border Explorers whenever you make it over this way. (I also suggest we entertain the Grass Roots People join us as well for what should be some excellent conversations.)

To Enigma: I wish you, Fran, and all others who drop buy Dada's regularly could join us as well.

Enigma: I have a confession to make: I got foul mouthed yesterday when trying to unsubscribe (for the umpteenth time) from the Obama mailing list. Having won the damn office, I don't need these regular e-mails always soliciting a contribution at their end. So, in a moment of lost civility in the section of the unsubscribe section for comments, I made my nastiest request yet:

PLEASE TAKE ME OFF YOUR F**KING LIST! (Except, not sure they would get the gist of it -- they haven't yet from the other umpteen requests -- I felt compelled to spell it out in its entirety for 'em.

Is Obama a better president than McCain would have been? Of course. But that said, the whole DC scene wreaks of rot from within.

Last Wednesday Mrs. Dada had her third or fourth "meeting" with our dem. rep., Sylvestre Reyes, except in all of those mtgs, her group has never once seen the phantom. And when they req'd such things as cutting $200 billion from a mil. program, Future Combat Systems, all they got, in effect, was, "AND JEOPARDIZE THE SAFETY OF OUR SOLDIERS???" (while the whole fucking nation is collapsing from within).

I'm certain there exists perameters anyone serving as our president can NOT step outside. And I'm positive our reps. do NOT represent us near as well as they do those who set the insiders parameters.

But I can say with absolute certainty, in the months ahead, there would be no better neighbors one could have than some such as yourself, e4e! (And that's true of other frequenters here as well.)

Fran: Your charged commentary sounds like a launching pad for conversations I wish we could all partake in a someplace like the High Desert Brewing Co. or one of those great Oregon McMenamins pubs, Roadhouses, or Hotels (if only we could afford it, right?).

As I've said before, our government has absolutely no fear of its people. (I'm not even sure how much respect they have for us either.) However, I am hopeful they are about to grow some back in 2009.

Steve said...

Ah, where to begin? First of all, thanks to Dada for replicating my post on a site where people (other than Dada and occasionally a regular blogger from the Dally) actually comment. I know we have other readers at, but they seem to have been zombified, or maybe overwhelmed by the flux of events. Well, I must confess I did get one other comment to the big change-small change article, from a woman in Santa Fe who started off by saying her remarks had nothing to do with my post but her daughter just got arrested for calling in sick and she had to start somewhere. Well, that's a whole 'nuther story, as they say...
Second, I have to ask Dada when he described the "'haves' and the 'have mores' groping each other with their huge balls"...was he talking about the inauguration celebrations or an anatomical anomaly that at least in this case accompanies their wealth or figuratively describes their chutzpah in eating pate de foie gras while the rest of us pine for a Big Mac or its vegetarian equivalent?
Third, I should confess that tonight I accepted an invitation to a Las Cruces inauguration party on Jan. 20 because a) they're going to bury George Bush in effigy, and b) they promised free beer and pizza, and frankly, the larder here is getting a bit low. By the way, I suggested the interment include Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice. Aw hell, why don't we just dig a mass grave, so there's room for Paulson, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Chertoff, Brown, et. al.?
Fourth, I should clarify that while I'm growing a little exasperated with Obama's "post-partisan" pragmatism, I'm willing to give the poor man with the worst job in the country a grace period to find his backbone.
Fifth, I have spent the last two weeks picking pecans, cleaning them, subluxating my own back from the ensuing damage, and on Friday I sold my crop to a pecan processor for $151.80, which roughly equates to two cents per nut. So tell me, should I pay another bill or buy a new guitar that will fit in my cardboard box under the overpass?

Dada said...

" the ‘haves’ and ‘have mores’ are groping one another with their huge balls."

Ouch! Did I really say that? Oh, yeh, guess I did.(Thanks, Steve, for pointing out that could be taken a couple different ways.)

Whoa, Steve! Thanks for dropping by Dada's. More than that, thanks for writing this blog for me (sans permission, I must say you're most gracious of my theft).

So you've caved and will be attending one of those little parties on the 20th, huh? I confess to more than a little curiosity re that social event of the season, for what could be more *American,* than free beer, pizza, and a mass grave! I'm sure some of us will be looking forward to a full report afterwards.

Re what to do with your new nut wealth of $151+, I would definitely ignore financial indebtedness in favor of a new guitar, having no idea how sudden relocation 'neath the overpass may be necessary, we'd hate to be without a little after dinner music/distraction whilst digesting our feast of prickly pear/lizard sandwiches.

And I don't know about anyone else reading your comment, but I confess to conjuring some intriguing imagery about "subluxating your back." (My spell checker doesn't even recognize that. Thank god for my Funk and Wagnalls)

"Subluxating" is the reason I get up every morning, because in all my years on Earth, one never knows when something will hit smack 'em square between the eyes; something never experienced in life before - like subluxating. That was even more vague than my "groping one another with their huge balls" prose. Thanks!