Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Look out ol' Mackey's back!"

At weekly peace vigil Friday in downtown El Paso, bloggers Border
Explorer and Dada - were two of a number of doves hawking peace.

After nearly seven months, Mr. and Mrs. Border Explorer have returned to El Paso!. It's really great to have them back in the city. I look forward to gaining greater border area insights on issues affecting not just El Paso and Juarez, but the entire U.S. - Mexico border region. Welcome back, Border Explorers!



Border Explorer said...

One of the best assets of El Paso is Border Peace Presence, including the Dada Family. Thanks for the welcome! Great to join up with you!

enigma4ever said... good to see both of you...I tell ya....Texas is looking better and better all the time...

Fran said...

It's good to see hearty souls still maintaning peace vigils.

xandtrek said...

Nice to see y'all! Steve and I have been noticing that PEACE seems to be acceptable during Christmas time, but other times of the year it is considered unpatriotic or just uncomfortable for people to think about. The Sun-News posted a picture of Santa as a hippie with a peace sign -- a subtle hint of derision? Anyway, here's to year-round peace -- and let's talk Obama out of Afghanistan.