Saturday, November 01, 2008

lol !

What a shame. Autumn, being a wonderful time of year around the country as it is here in the Southwest, should be a season for celebrating this year's apple, pumpkin and chile harvests (see above). Instead, all minds are turned toward next Tuesday and, I fear, the results of the latest American election will permeate the air with the reeking scents of something very rotten instead.

And much of the world will mourn the nation which heralded itself as "the greatest democracy on Earth" (cough, sputter) while others who see us as nothing more than the banana republic we have become will be laughing out loud, much as these chiles seem to suggest.

Tea leaves may be in danger of losing their title as a psychic's best portents of the future; replaced instead by New Mexico chile pods. Okay, let us go ahead and celebrate the chile harvest then. Happy autumn harvests everyone! ~Dada (lol !)


PTCruiser said...

I think I like your LOL better. Definitely more colorful.

Border Explorer said...

Is it too late to get Jimmy Carter to round up a band of international observers???? lol indeed.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Sometimes it is hard to hold on to hope when the world around us seems so corrupt. Real people are still out there, good people. We will see what happens.