Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day, 2008

It all seems like a dream. After nearly two years of politicking, we've finally arrived at the big day. Hell, it only takes a season (ca. 6 months) for two opposing leagues or conferences to reach the World Series or Super Bowl. This whole process has been entirely too long, too tedious.

I don't know if I've fully adjusted to last weekend's time change or not, and now we have this. All day long I've had the feeling that if I turn on the TV there ought to be a couple of football games on and a bunch of guys swatting little white balls across massive landscapes of lush greens sprinkled with blue ponds and ocher pits of sand.

Maybe accenting that something's missing feeling is our lack of satellite TV we're still in cold turkey withdrawal from. It's absence is really conspicuous on days like this. But, hopefully, once the polls begin to close in the east, we'll join the rest of America via the local networks as we learn whether we still have some pretense at representative representation or not. (I'm reluctant to say representative government as shown by the grand support the two 'opposing parties' had for last month's bailout bill despite the vast majority of Americans opposing it.)

An hour and a half ago Mrs. Dada departed for our precinct voting location in a Korean church. I don't know what she's officially called, but she's volunteered to observe the process there and watch for any irregularities or complaints from voters. She's far more civic minded than Editor Sam or I. But in another half hour or so, Sam and I will take a run over there and see how it's going. (To make up for our lack of dedication, however, we will take the Civic mind you.)

Received the following e-mail from my relative from Oregon this morning:
I am planning my Tuesday off around election coverage on the old
boobtube. I have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge to get
me through the night, and if things start to look really bad I
have a bottle of Jack Daniels in the liquor cabinet. Oh well,
only time will tell what happens.
Sounded like a good idea, so I went to the liquor store in the new strip mall just two blocks away. The beer delivery truck was there (a sign of good timing!). I laid in a supply of India Pale Ales. If things really go to hell tonight, it will be good to have a liquor store so close by the next 4 to 8 years.

So with the beer chilling, I too am now prepared for whatever may happen next -- just in case the delivery this evening turns out to be a long and/or difficult one and, instead of what most are expecting, the process results in the birthing of banana republic.


A Ball of Light said...

Pop that beer open Dada & toast the end of this long long process...
Woohoo!!! Yes We Did!

Dada said...

abol: Wow...no doubt, this is the best I've felt about this country in eight years. That little upside down flag on our front door may be flying upright real soon.

Cheers! Woohoo indeed.

(BTW, El Paso Ccounty last vote count I saw went for Obama 65% -35%! i.e., proving El Paso is NOT Texas.)

enigma4ever said...

thanks dada....
WE are ALL Americans Again...El paso to whereever...and yes EVEN Ohio.....we have much to do to heal this Country...( esp we need to fix OUR Voting systems...) Thank you all of your blogging...

manu hugs to you and mrs.dada and your editor

D.K. Raed said...

I'm walking on air -- it's a beautiful day -- can't stop smiling! I especially liked seeing scenes from all over the world as people rejoiced!

I wish I could say my corner of the world voted to join the 21st century. But no, UT is red to the core. My county voted repub from prez down to county commish. How to wake up the sleepwalkers?

Thank you for being here, Dada. Last night was worthy of many celebratory Pale Ales! We got our country back again (except for a 60 Dem Senate, sigh)!!!

Fran said...

Democracy restored? Bout time & what relief.
whew! I can breathe again