Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's Palin *Sing-A-Long*

Seems our friends, Steve and Kathy, just up north in way-south New Mexico, have been doing mischief with Steve's "satiric anthem about Sarah Palin's home town."

By Steve Klinger © 2008

We don’t eat arugula in Wasilla
We don’t get our kicks from crËme brulee
We do lots of praying for the end times
We know God protects the USA

I’m proud to be a redneck from Wasilla
A place with each and every big box store
We shoot our wolves and caribou from airplanes
And soon we’ll be drilling in ANWAR

We don’t write our memoirs in Wasilla
We’re pretty picky when it comes to books
We don’t believe in manmade global warming
And we like our mayors with good looks

We don’t use our football fields for speeches
We don’t have no Muslim middle names
We think evolution’s just a theory
We don’t trust politicians with big brains

And I’m proud to be a redneck from Wasilla
A place with each and every big box store
We shoot our wolves and caribou from airplanes
And soon we’ll be drilling in ANWAR

We shoot our wolves and caribou from airplanes
In Wasilla, Alaska, USA


D.K. Raed said...

wonderful, something fun to hum! why do I imagine that it is an unseen offcamera dada himself whacking that tamborine?

Q's: is there "WAR" in ANWR? as a southwesterner, were you doing the same as me until you heard Wah-SIL-ah prounounced? I was saying Wah-SEE-ya! Well, I've got the WaMu Blues, so see'ya later, dadagator.

Mariamariacuchita said...

And the sentiment is so true....the Okie from Musgokee is now Plain ol' Palin. Pretending she is a real person.

Border Explorer said...

Dada, I hope Steve and Kathy are ready for their share of teasing at the High Desert. Hey!?! The title said "Sing-A-Long" but I didn't hear your golden vocal tones. What's up with that? Well, give 'em my best--we gotta keep laughing so we don't collapse in despair.

Dada said...

d.k. -- Oh, you're sooo, sooo funny. (I was wondering WTF is she saying about the southwesterner pronunciation of Wah Sill Ah? Of course, when you explained, I realized we live just 40 miles from my second favorite spot in all of NM, Mesilla (NOT! Ma Sill Ah) Of course, I'm referring to Ma See Ah. So you are right. But I would have dearly loved to have heard you pronounce that home of 'our next vice president' the S/W way.

p.s. No, that wasn't me just off screen on the tamborine.

Dada said...

mariamaria - thanks for inspiring me in the recent spate of image pic changes on Dada's.

I think I'll remain saintly for a bit, i.e., not change for awhile -- until I'm feeling more devilish. TY!

Dada said...

B.E. -- No, 'fraid you wouldn't want to hear me singing along.

But I AM looking fwd to the time we can all lead the High Desert in a post election sing-a-long celebrating a new direction (well, sorta, I hope) for the nation. If not, we'll just imbibe more good ale and drown our sorrows.

D.K. Raed said...

hey I may be obtuse ...
but I don't hunt moose!

nor do I get a thrilla
about the mayor of wasilla.

Fran said...

The door is open to add more verses....

We don't put no lipstick on our pitbulls
We don't puck a-round with birth con-trol
A flag la-pel pin's good cre-den-tials
Foreign Affairs ain't more im-por-tant than drillin' fer Oil

D.K. Raed said...

In Wasilla, our kids sure grow up fast.
Childhood is something they know won't last.
Daughters havin' babies at sixteen,
Gives us more Wasillan beauty queens!

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo We are havin' fun now!!!!


D.K. Raed said...

When I got some teeth that need drillin'
The dentist asks if I'm a native Wasillan.
Saying yes means he'll use the hardest glue
Cuz you know that moose meat's tough to chew.

Steve said...

Y'all are sick, I hope you know that! Next thing, you'll be adding lies about how Mayor Sarah cost the town millions of dollars to build a sports center on land it didn't own and sought earmarks from Washington. Then you'll be sayin she's connected with churches that believe in the heretical Third Wave.

Don't mess with my lyrics or Kathy will interrupt her world tour and come hit you with her kazoo.

Hey, I'm workin on a new song,it's called Beaner from Mesilla (rhymes with Wasilla, don't ya know).


Fran said...

Yes, Steve we are sick & pride ourselves... such talent!

Dada said...

Whoa! What honor is this? If it isn't writer, musician and performer himself!!

Well, thanks for gracing us. And thanks for the moments of distraction you (and Kathy) have given us.

But to give you an indication how invasive this damn blog is: I woke up this morning thinkin' of Alaska, so far north you can see the solar flares.

Damned as I've tried all day long, I still haven't worked it into a lyric with Palin's polar bears.

You're right -- we're sick. At least we know where we caught it.

D.K. Raed said...

It is a great honor to (virtually) meet the talented Steve! It's a bad position, though, to find myself *almost* hoping for the McC/P ticket just for the musical possiblities. Hey, wait, you can still write about her as she rides that "Third Wave" back to Alaska (I have NO clue what a third wave is, so I'm probably suggesting something anatomically impossible) ...

OK Dada, I'm sure you can whip out (auggghhh, shades of Blazing Saddles) a much better one, but here's a quickie with your words:

Alaska's nights are filled with solar flares.
And for now, it's also filled with polar bears.
But global warming's got those artic nights on the run.
And Sarah's really helping the bears with her gun.

I was gonna try for a "polar bear bacon for breakfast" rhyme (P B B for B, you heard it here first), but the thought was making me ill. Where are the PETA people?

Fran said...

A heart-beat from the pres-i-dency is keen'
if you have the ex-per-i-ence of beau-ty queen
guns n god n killin' from an airplane
why are some foks sayin; this is insane?