Monday, September 22, 2008

As we prepare to enter the new world of collapsed empire.

Regular readers here at Dada's know I repeatedly make reference to the future home of me, Mrs. Dada, and editor Sam. In light of current news, I thought I'd share with readers a photo which its file reveals, coincidentally, was taken exactly one year ago today during a walk Sam and I took that morning. (The foothills are much, much greener this September, thanks to the plentiful rains last month.)

The overpass is a very nice place under which to take shelter from the elements. It has a great view of the foothills leading up to the Franklin Mountains that slice into the mid-section of El Paso, splitting it in two.

With a large number of bodies huddling there against the winter cold, it should be warm and "cozy." But just as that is its advantage against the elements, that may be its problem, i.e., competition for space beneath the bridge will be very, very contested. Occupancy may be determined by violent contests between folks vying for residence each night.

Right now the overpass enjoys quick access to the 7-11 (on the right in photo above), but with little traffic due to little or no gas availability, I expect that to be closed, same as the two grocery stores about a mile in either direction. And without fuel, traffic on the freeway above our "bedroom" should be mostly pedestrian and those fortunate to own bikes. In other words, much quieter than the cars now speeding past spewing noxious CO fumes.

Our primary concern will be the safety of our editor, Sam. As folks grow more and more hungry, I'm sure more and more folks will be eying him as a possible next meal. Such may be the concerns of us all in the world unfolding, courtesy of 'the party that wrecked America.'


PTCruiser said...

You could build an edible fort out of the Twinkies at the 7-11.

eProf2 said...

Save some room for your friends in that underpass!

Fran said...

You are ahead of the game here, planning out your post economy collapse housing.
At least congress is saying no to total immunity & fat perks.
I attribute this to be the spinoff of an election year. Whatever! If there is any semblance of sanity on the hill, I'll take it

Dada said...

I would too, Fran, but I'm not sure there is any.

pt - I like your idea but, of course, the more folks we let in, like eprof here, his family, other possible commenters on Dada's, the greater grows that eternal dilemma, i.e. guns and butter (or in this case Twinkie fort of food). Geez, is anything ever simple?