Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sometimes, something goes VERY right!

In the summer of 2005, I began blogging. I don't like to think I'm so "into it" that it defines a part of me. I may be in denial.

You see, my editor, Sam, is in revolt. He's "dog tired" of the time I spend here each day at the computer, blogging for Dada's Dally (he by my side); of when I finish a blog and he must "clean up" the mess I've left as my editor before posting it.

So being in the middle of the "dog days of summer" with a revolting dog, I find myself editorless. At this very moment, Sam is outside on his chaise, soaking up the shade.

OK, OK, I promised him I would take some time off. And what better time than the 4 or 5 weeks coinciding with the absence of congress from the Hill? But here Sam and I are, almost a week into their august August break and we're (well, "I'm") still here.

But I keep finding a couple things I want to say. As example, there was wonderful news today when Mrs. Dada went to the pharmacy to refill her monthly prescription for a medication to help her with her discomforts from fibromyalsia.

We have this wonderful health insurance that is at the fore of where all U.S. health insurance companies hope to be, i.e., where you the insured pays high premiums for which the insurance company reciprocates by reimbursing you nothing for expensive medications. As example, Mrs. Dada's insurance recently excluded coverage for any part of her monthly medication for fibro. Last month it was $195. In the past 3 or 4 months, it has risen from around a $160/mo. to it's present level. 

But imagine the joy we felt, how very "pleased" we were when today she went to pick up her refill to learn that for two fucking months now, the price has remained the same!

But then a strange thing happened at the pharmacy counter of the drugstore: the girl at the counter asked, "Doesn't your insurance help you with this?" When Mrs. Dada said, "No, they can't afford to!" the girl asked if there wasn't a generic. Mrs. Dada had checked a few months ago and said she didn't think so.

The girl said, "Wait, let me check." Turns out there wasn't an exact generic duplicate for her meds, but there was one containing the same pain relief medication with a slightly higher compliment of Tylenol. It's cost? Instead of $195/mo., $33/month! Of course, her physician (her GP, not the specialist who prescribed the more expensive drug) would have to approve the change. A call to his office and it was approved!

An hour or so later, the drugstore girl from the pharmacy called to tell Mrs. Dada they'd received approval from her doctor for the new medication and the new prescription was ready to pick up. The old $195 prescription refill had been canceled.

So here we are, suddenly enriched by a total of $1,940 per year all because some drug counter technician took the time to ask Mrs. Dada if there wasn't a generic!

I'm waiting for Mrs. Dada to return from the drugstore; to see if Mrs. Dada, who went to pick up her new medication, was able to subtly slip a restaurant gift certificate to that girl behind the drug counter who took the time to save us almost $2,000/year.

(Oh, and maybe, with our sudden increase in disposable income, I'll buy editor Sam a little something to placate his displeasure I'm still inside blogging while he's outside lounging. [Like maybe a $2.50 box of doggie cookies. Sssssh, don't tell him!])


enigma4ever said...

Wonderful ;-)

so good she said nice...and that Mrs Dada is getting taken care by someone thinking of her in such a compassionate way ;-)

and hmmm, a about getting that hardworking editor ice cream...yeah..that would tailwaggin' good...

Border Explorer said...

Thanks for a good news story. How nice when someone actually cares enough to provide real service to the customer. So seldom do I receive excellent service, that I try to make a point to mention it to their supervisor when I do.

dada said...

Apparently, it was one of the last things the pharmacy tech did before leaving work yesterday at 5:00 -- to call and tell Mrs. Dada her new (much cheaper) prescription was ready for pick up.

But in her absence, Mrs. D. was able to speak with her supervisor to express her deep appreciation. And tomorrow, Friday, when next this person works, Mrs. Dada will return to slip her a "thank you" card with gift certificate in it.

eProf2 said...

Nice story of one person helping another. And, boy, do we need that these days what with the cost of everything going crazy.

But, what really caught my eye was your new header. Nice, romanesque figures of you, Mrs. Dada, and Sam. Next thing we'll know is that this header will appear on a thousand dollar bill (or larger) with approvals from the US mint! LOL!

enigma4ever said...

oooohhhh the new header is classy...I bet that Editor came up with it....and so regal...and ahh the saying....yup ,...the Mass's a race to the Finish Line folks...

dada said...

e4e - eprof - Thanks for the comments on the new header. (It may still be a work in progress, as it tends to compete with the template theme.)

Oh, and eprof, I must correct something. That's not Editor Sam pictured therein. It's "Mister" Cooper in whose memory this blog was dedicated just weeks after his passing in May, 2005.

(You were right, however, about the other two being Mrs. Dada and I.)

eProf2 said...

I don't think I knew about Mr. Cooper and the dedication to Dada' Dally. I think I became a follower of Dada's Dally in early 2006. So, here's to Mr. Cooper, RIP and your memory through the header remain forever.

Fran said...

That is a refreshing & lovely story. I filled a tres spendy Rx last month- it was over $500 bucks, and (thank god) it was covered by my insurance. The pharmacy rep commented on what good insurance I have, and I said, the same prescription probably costs $5 bucks in Mexico. There was a burst of laughter, but also a realization it's probably true. They charge sky high prices because they can.

The clerk might not be able to accept the gratuity, or risk losing her job.

Maybe you can spring for a squeaky toy/ball for the Editor, along with those treats?

enigma4ever said...

Dada...So was MR Cooper "Pony" I remember Pony as your first editor...Or do I have my greyhounds mixed up ?

( I probally do...I swear the summer is frying my brain...)

Have a good weekend...

Utah Savage said...

Congratulations for finding a human being who works peripherally for big pharma and still manages to keep her humanity intact. It should be the rule, not the exception.

I wish I had an editor, you lucky bastard. I wish I had a wife too. Some guys have all the luck.

D.K. Raed said...

I think we have the same insurance company ... if so, after you pay the first $10K of medical costs for any one year, they will cover all the rest of your medical costs (for that year) @ 100%. So in that regard, perhaps Mrs D's Dr was just trying to help her reach that sky-high deductible! What else are we to think when doctors do not even research much cheaper alternative meds unless a Pharmacy Asst happens to notice one is available? It seems doctors have not gotten the message that we are interested in keeping health costs low, perhaps because they are constantly being wooed by the higher priced pharmaceutical providers?

We had a similar incident recently with Valtrex (a powerful antiviral). Dr had Rx'd 1000-mg pills which were over $300 for 30 pills. Because we needed them immediately, there was no time to shop around. I found out later that the very SAME med was available in 500-mg size @ $90 for 60 (cuz twice as many would be needed) in an Rx-by-mail program. AND the generic, acyclovir, was about $60 for 60 of the 500-mgs! Only Valtrex comes in 1000-mg size & it is such a horsepill, I'd have much preferred to take (2) 500-mgs. Why didn't my doctor know this? In my more cynical moments, I suspect a kickback. Then my Dad said I should've told him about the Rx, because he gets them for N/C at the V.A., no questions asked because he's needed them before. Hell of a way to run a health care system, hunh!

Love the header, in memory of Cooper, a classically handsome boy whose profile does seem very greco-romanesque. Must be the aquiline nose. Seeing him smiling like that makes me want to reach out & give his cameo a scritch behind the ears!

D.K. Raed said...

oops, I meant Mr Cooper's "hint of a smile" in that cameo!

dada said...

eprof: You're absolutely right - Cooper was "before your time" (here).

But, ay!, he was AZ bred and born, and a magnificent boy was he! And I often teased him, accusing him of making a lot of money for his owners in the races he ran because of his long, long nose which probably won more than a few races! (It didn't, we checked his racing record, but I never stopped teasing him about it to let him think he was the fastest thing on four paws.)

The local lady in charge of the greyhound adoption agency at the time we got Cooper said males were "bitchy" which made us leery.

But there was absolutely NO bitchiness in Cooper. He paved the way for our second male dogger, my Editor Sam.

dada said...

fran: Aware of the sensitive nature of wanting to do something nice for the pharmacy tech at the drugstore that probably saved us almost $2K/yr., I told Mrs. Dada to slip the restaurant gift certificate in a "Happy Anniversary" or Happy Birthday card and say something like, "sorry this is late. hope it was a great one."

When she went to deliver it yesterday, Mrs. Dada discovered the girl didn't come to work until later in the day. A co-worker promised to give it to her.

It may now be part of her "severance package" now, for all we know.

dada said...

Utah: Funny! Trust me, your envy has caused me to step back twice and really appreciate both my editor and my wife!

Especially the editor. (very big grin) I know this, because I can't imagine editing myself. I've done it and never fail to amaze myself at the mistakes I read over (not once, but often twice) without noticing.

dada said...

d.k. - While I never thought of Coop's snout as particularly aquiline, I was thankful for it's length, i.e., between the tip of his nose and his eyes, there was plenty of good space to kiss. Believe me, I did lots of that. It was such a joy to see an animal who spent his first 4or 5 years in a cage learn to become a dog. And as with most ALL dogs, given the opportunity, he became a truly great one. Watching him grow, up until his very last day, was one of the great joys or my life.

As for the insurance, it sounds like we have different coverage. (Although, as I learned from thousands and thousands of solicitations this past spring, one company may have many, many options to choose and be confused from - assholes! - whoops, sorry...a slip o' the tongue.)

See, our insurance kicks in after we've only spent $4,000 per person. Well they BEGIN to pay something (I think it's 80%, up until the annual ceiling (I don't remember exactly what that is, $10,000? more?) when we've reached our max O.O.P.

BTW, the recent Cooper heading was inspired by your Juna!

Wendy said...

Very nice story, Mr. Dada!!! So good to hear you and Mrs. Dada saved some money!!

I was also intrigued by your decision to take some time off! I wonder if during this time you'll be re-arranging your easel again!!! =))

p.s. please tell Mrs. Dada I say Hi!!!!!

dada said...

Wendy: If....IF....I do take a little time off, I confess -- the thought of the easel has entered my mind. (But that's IF I ever get away from this computer! ~grin