Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today's news clips or, the same old hypocrisy bullshit and government *fun with numbers*!

Bush photo-oping his failed Mid-East policies in Israel...

"JERUSALEM (AP) - President Bush on Thursday criticized the deadly tactics of extremist groups like al-Qaida, Hezbollah and Hamas and said he looks toward the day when Muslims 'recognize the emptiness of the terrorists' vision and the injustice of their cause.'"

(Words spoken by Bush, leading Christian terrorist, while visiting the leading Jewish terrorist state and failing to recognize the emptiness of his own terrorist visions and the injustices they cause.)
Meanwhile, a headline in today's Business sections across the country states "Inflation pressures ease." This should make everybody feel better:

"consumer prices edged up 0.2 percent last month, slightly lower than expected and better than the 0.3 percent rise in March."

While the prices of food had the biggest monthly gain since January 1990, one must remember food prices are not part of the American's real world indicator, the Consumer Price Index. Neither is gasoline and other energy prices. As a result, the price of gas in April fell 2 percent according to our government's voodoo economics!

Well, they really didn't, but the government wants you to believe they did.

Said one unnamed government official, "It gets so tiresome hearing Americans bitch and bitch about their growing hardships when the price of gas is falling." (Okay, so I made this paragraph up, but not the one about how the government makes gas prices fall with slick statistics as oil prices climb above $125/bbl.)


eProf2 said...

Yes, I saw the newspaper article this morning saying that maybe it was pre-mature to say the economy is in recession. Try saying that to anyone who's working for hourly wages, someone on a fixed income, or someone who is about to lose their home, much less just about everyone getting gas these days. This economy is about the worst I've seen since the late 1970's. The stagflation we're coping with is horrendous and getting worse, whether the government wants to call it a recession or not.

dada said...

Amen, eprof. Seems I remember, however, a family member or two back in Carter's late 70's snagging savings CD's in the 16-17% interest range. (I had a brother who wished he'd gone long, REAL LONG on one of those, say 15-20 years [grin], vs. the 2-3% now available to compensate everyone for their vanishing "wealth.")

I was just scribbling notes for a possible future blog when your comment came in, typing re the increasingly revered status quo of comfort in the recent historically "known," now retreating into the past to which it will likely never return, to a future of uncertainty from which we may never recover. (well, hyperbole makes it more dangerous, more interesting, doesn't it?)

D.K. Raed said...

Bush in the middle east ... wouldn't you just love to see his homeward bound plane re-routed to the International Criminal Court? Just drop him off, he can have Milosovic's old cell, and let the trials begin!

enigma4ever said...

does he have to come back ? I mean really...seems like his Saudi trip was not as rewarding as usual- they kinda told him to take a hike...

Was he actually invited to the Isreal party- it looked like he snuck out in the middle of the night..