Friday, May 16, 2008

Running on empty!

I have this recurring dream where I'm in the middle of nowhere and, just after passing a sign that reads "NEXT SERVICES 98 MILES", followed by a McDonald's logo and a Chevron symbol and -- at the very bottom of the sign, the afterthought, "GOOD LUCK!" -- I am prompted to look down at my gas gauge. It's riding half-way between a quarter of a tank and EMPTY, leaving me to ask myself, "If I slow from 70 to 50 mph, can I make it 98 more miles?"

It's then I ponder why the only gas indicated on the road sign is that of a Chevron station up ahead when I remember our secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, as a former Chevron oil executive and former Chevron "oil tanker." And I wonder if there's any connection? "What happened to all the Texaco, Shell and Citgo gas stations?" I ask myself.

Suddenly it occurs to me: "This is the 21st Century. Whereas gasoline was our liberator in the20th Century, it is now our oppressor!"

I pause for a moment's self-adoration at such profound thought. Patting myself on the back, I'm gloating with pride! Then it hits me what this all implies. Tightening my grip on the steering wheel, I realize I'm not going to make it 98 more miles before my car takes its last gasp for gas and dies. I truly am on the threshold of a whole new world!



eProf2 said...

Thanks for the post on my blog tonight. If you catch this in time, Dr. Strangelove is on HDNMV channel tonight. Still an amazing film.

The photo is one of my favorites with the wide-outs as rest areas. Maybe they have a phone there for in order for you to call home when you're out of gas??!!!

I'm always struck by the Condoleeza Rice Exxon ship connection. Who says that BushCo isn't promoting their own oil?

Have you seen DK's post today? It's really well done. Check it out.

dada said...

eprof: Thanks for the heads-up on Dr. Strangelove. I'm not sure what the HDNMV channel is, but I like it has the initials "NM" together. (g)

So, sans satellite, I'm sure I don't get it...but...BUT! remind me, I have the DVD of this movie. (Mrs. Dada found it quite cheap at Costco awhile back and I haven't opened it yet. Thanks!)

Now if you enjoy that picture (on the blog, not the the HDNMV channel (well the movie too), then I know we share some kindred spirit because I try not to repeat images here too often but, if it intrigues me, I'm weak -- and I do.

NOW...for something entirely different. If you haven't happened by Border Explorer's new blog lately, I just did and she's started posting. And wow...does she start off with a great one! If that's an indication of what's to follow...Wow!

And yes, eProf, I did happen by DK's. And loved imagining those words coming straight from horse's mouth. It was fun and, while not a Texan or linguist, I'm going to have to return to see how well she got that accent down!

Border Explorer said...

Hello, virtual friends, from Peru--Peru, Illinois, that is!

Well, I didn't know Condi was connected with Exxon. Why am I not surprised? I love your photo, too. But I notice it was taken from the center line with oncoming traffic. Do take care and don't put your life at risk for the sake of your blog audience!

Thanks, Dada, for such a nice comment on my start-up. I was going to send a note as I'd promised, but now I don't have to. Only problem is you raise expectations way too high.

eProf2 said...

The initials are from a satellite channel called High Definition Network Movies. I believe it's owned by Marc Cuban of Dallas Mavericks fame.

I watched Dr. Strangelove and it's every bit as good as I remember. Peter Sellers is fantastic in his multiple roles as are George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, and Slim Pickens. And, of course, there is the music, "I'll be seeing you..."

I hope you pulled out your DVD and enjoyed the film, too.