Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

I decided to accompany Mrs. Dada Friday, which promised to be a special day. Not only was she attending her weekly peace group's noontime vigil in front of the federal court house downtown, there was be a second demonstration in front of St. Patrick's cathedral from 4:00 - 6:00.

In between was a "farewell luncheon" for Border Explorer, regular commenter here on Dada's, and her husband, Paul. (They are leaving El Paso the first weekend in May for six months.) Lunch would be the highlight of the day for Dada, because the more and more I learn of this remarkable couple, the more I know how little I don't!

As an example, I just recently discovered that back in 1999 they went to Cuba. I'm thinking details of their trip would make a great blog. (Perhaps after they return next November sometime.) After expressing my envy, Border Explorer admitted it was one of her most memorable experiences. (Plus, I suspect the rum was good too!)

Unfortunately "Mr. Border Explorer" couldn't make the luncheon - he was busy putting the finishing touches on a large sign for that afternoon's demonstration asking the Pope to intervene by making a human shield of himself and other dignitaries in Iran to avert further Bush-Cheney insanity - another war!

Having gotten ribbed by blog visitor Eprof2 because of a photo on the front page of the EP Times recently that pictured Mrs. Dada and myself during the first "Scenic Sunday" walk of the season, I decided to post this photo of Friday's protest featuring Mrs. Dada as it appeared in "El Diario," the local Spanish newspaper. While we don't understand Spanish very well, we think Sra. Dada may be Catholic in the article. She's not, but always willing to lend a hand for good cause. (And, no, it wasn't on page one. It only made page two. ~grin)

So after the noon peace vigil followed by a great farewell luncheon for Border Explorer, it was time to head over to St. Patrick's for the demonstration organized by an extremely dedicated Catholic Carmelite priest and former WWII pilot, Peter Hinde (who, as a navy fighter pilot, apparently learned a lesson still unlearned by senator John McCain).

At 6:00 in the evening, it was time to fold up tent and head for home. It was good to tag along with Mrs. Dada on this Friday. And it turns out that although it's still only April, I now have my summer tan already!


eProf2 said...

Now I'm really convinced that you have a publicity agent ala Spears and Lohan LOL!

Yes, Sra Dada was identified as part of a "catholic group outside the parrish church San Patricio."

I'm sure the church is named after the famous St. Patrick of Irish fame. However, I've become quite interested in the San Patricio Battalion of 1846-1847 fame in Mexican history. That's when a whole group of Irish Catholics switched sides from the US to the Mexican army inasmuch as they thought they could identify more with the catholicism of Mexico than the protestantism of the US. Unfortunately, it cost about half of them their lives to a US firing squad.

It's an interesting story with, perhaps, some family history as my wife's father, whom I've never met, was descended from an Irishman who went to Durango, Mexico, sometime in the mid-nineteenth century.

Did you see where Border Explorer won not only once with her Cubs but twice as Chicago won two games in a row with 13 run wins? I've sent her an email through her travel blog to congratulate her on her wins. As far as I know, no team in modern baseball history has ever won two games back to back by 13 run scores.

Border Explorer said...

Hey, thanks for all the publicity, Dada. I don't know who your P.R. person is, but YOU are MINE!

Sorry that so far I'm creaming you in the eProf baseball pool. Take heart, the season is young.

Thanks again for lunch and for spending the afternoon with us protesters Friday. I do hope we'll see you again next Friday...I have to put some laughs "in the bank" since I won't see you again till December.

eProf: I really liked learning about that little U.S. history incident. Border heritage is full of surprises. Thanks for unveiling yet another.

dada said...

OMG! I wasn't aware of the Cubbies scoring 13 runs in two consecutive games, eprof!

Geez, you think I should get a racing form for next weekend's upcoming Sunland Park schedule and have B.E. go over it with me to pick a few ponies?

It would appear B.E.'s in the middle of a lucky streak.

Your mention of the San Patricio Bn. seems to be clearing cobwebs away from my Texas History class mem. 20 years ago. Or maybe it was my Poli Sci from around the same time (my research paper was on Polk and the expansion of the presidency during the Mex-Am War).

B.E. Congratulations! (I suppose you're feeling pretty big-headed right about now - you and your Chicago Cubs!

Welcome back, B.E. Hope you had a good trip to Columbus - Palomas. Looking forward to hearing about it. (Perhaps I'll check your blog off and on this week.)

Meanwhile (back at the ranch), Mrs. Dada took me to the Lomas del Poleo 'teach-in' today. Sheesh, I'm getting to know so many of the radical bunch you run with. Many were there. We didn't know when you'd be back from Palomas, so were keeping an eye out for you.

Have to say, after that, I'm totally depressed and feeling very paranoid. Perhaps I'll blog something about it, but at the moment I'm way, way too depressed to think about it. (It's 6 billionaires against 6 billion poor.)

And while I'll never be a Texan, I did find its history colorful.

eProf2 said...

I guess I don't know my baseball history as well as I should because Sean Forman of B-R PI set me straight by pointing out that there have been more than 50 times in which a team has scored 13 runs back to back since 1956. He sent me a spread sheet to show all of the games in that time period. The really rare fete is three in a row, and four has never happened. Still, I was impressed with BE's Cubs doing it twice over the weekend.

Border Explorer said...

Well, I was impressed with the Cubbies, too. Thanks for getting your pool going, eProf. And we all thank the Cubs for getting the season off to a glorious start.

On the subject of the Dadas' fame, I direct readers to page 3B of the El Paso Times on Saturday 4/19/08 to see a REPRINT of the aforementioned front page photo of Scenic Sunday frolickers, our blog host Dada prominent among them. Dada, you've gotten a lot of mileage out of that Sunday stroll. Maybe you're grooming for a run at a political office???

Fran said...

Hey that wife of yours is a good influence.
I sowed up to pur weekly vigil this week with a 3 x 5 Tibetan flag.

China won't allow Tibetans to fly their flag, so I am doing it for them.

Always something!

dada said...

fran: Yeh, I suppose Mrs. Dada is subtly educating me, huh? Interestingly, she and Border Explorer were demonstrating beneath papal flags while you were under a Tibetan flag. (WTG BTW, Fran!)

Yesterday was Mrs. Dada's best in a long while (re her educating me) with a Mexican land dispute just over our border between 6 billionaires and 6 billion heirs (as in those who shall inherit the earth ~ note: I had to repeat that because I perfected it during the night when I awoke with that thought ~grin, thanks for bearing with me).

B.E. Thanks for the heads up on the add'l publicity in this weekend's Times. That one slipped by us, but it helps explain all the friendly people when we go out in public now. Zeesh, I really wish the Times wouldn't do that. I'm afraid if they don't stop it, eProf will end up being right: we won't be able to appear in public without a rush of autograph seekers and paparazzi! (Oh well, such is the price of celebhood, I guess. ~sigh)

BTW B.E., how much'd you make off of eProf's 13 run pool? (I'm thinking free lunch - with ale - of course.)