Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day, 2008

Happy Earth Day 2008 as we, yet again, celebrate
Earth Day with the president from another planet.



Fran said...

Yep-- but quite the move-- December 2007 the US passed the first increase in fuel economy standards since 1985. Since the 35 mpg standard does not kick in until 2020, you can add 13 years to the lapse of time in changing fuel economy standards. 35 years to postpone change is in unacceptable void in environmental responsibility. Especially considering the US contribute a disproportionate amount of carbon emissions: 25%, while being only 5% of the world population. We suck the lion's share of crude oil too. Oy!

dada said...

Excellent point, Fran. And by 2020, US auto mpgs will only be 5 mpg behind what our 2006 Honda gets, 16 mpg behind an old Toyota Prius, etc. Somehow I get the feeling it's all too little, too late.

Mexico can no longer match its previous years oil output. It's in decline and oil exporting nations are under greater and greater pressure to keep more and more of their own oil to fuel their nation's growing demands for same. But I digress. We were talking about CO2 emission's effects on the environment, weren't we?

eProf2 said...

Dada, what's El Paso and the state of Texas doing re: solar?

dada said...

eprof - I'm not aware of Texas efforts with solar other than El Paso, "The Sun City"...and sadly, as far as I know, that's a total misnomer.

Tiny Taos, NM has (totally) solar radio in KTAO while here we have a solar nickname. Surely AZ is far ahead of our efforts. What they doin' out your way?

horsedooty said...

I think Texas leads the US in Wind Power thou. Out off I 20 near Midland/Odessa there are windmill farms all over. Same can be said for the ranch lands in the panhandle of Texas. It is hard to believe that statement when you drive into California and see all the wind mill power going on there near Riverside, CA.

T. Boone Pickens (famous Texas oilman) is investing in wind power.


there are some solar rigs around here but they are mostly used to power the remote control security gates on the more prosperous farms and ranches. Can't have them getting the hand made boots dirty by getting out of the F350 to open the gate, now can we?

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