Saturday, April 12, 2008

Iran's fighting a proxy war in Iraq!

It's being reported in today's NY Times that US ambassador to Iraq, Ryan C. Crocker, is dutifully dittoing his leader George Bush's claim that Iran is engaging in a proxy war against the United States in Iraq.

Claiming tactics similar to those the U.S. has most recently used to back the Turkish military against the Kurds in northern Iraq, or as the U.S. has encouraged in the Philippines, Yemen, Somalia, in Afghanistan against the USSR in the 80's, or the long history of covert US involvement in its own proxy wars in Central and South America - in other words, globally - the US should certainly know an Iranian proxy war when it sees one.

But then this is the claim of the Bush administration and their recklessness and disregard for the truth is well documented, which may make Crocker's assertion just more Bush bullshit.

Or who knows, with all out chaos and violence going on just across its border, it may be Iran actually wants some input into the Iraqi outcome. Certainly, the US would want no less were this war being conducted by the Russians or Chinese on our neighbors in Canada or Mexico.

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