Friday, April 11, 2008

Image of the Week

Last Sunday being the first of "Scenic Sunday" walks over El Paso's Scenic Drive (closed to all vehicular traffic every Sunday morning now through August), I had the pleasure to walk much of the time with Border Explorer (an occasional commenter here on Dada's!) and her husband.

On our return down the scenic mountain drive, we re-entered the neighborhood fronting Scenic Drive where there exists many beautiful, often quite expansive homes. As we passed this more modest home, Border Explorer drew my attention to its paint job. I just had to take a picture or two, I found it so unique and refreshing. (Mrs. Dada is a bit more reserved in her opinion of it.)

While the colors remain true, I did take the liberty of adding a painterly feel to the photo (click to enlarge). Thanks to Border Explorer for drawing my attention to it. I so enjoyed it, I decided to share it here.


Border Explorer said...

Love your enhancement of the photo! Thanks for organizing us all for "Scenic Sunday." This home certainly was scenic, and I was happy to share appreciation of it with you.

Cart said...

Not sure I'd live in it Dada, but it looks fun.
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