Saturday, April 26, 2008

End times, or just out of corn, rice, gas and running low on luck?

In the 'living in interesting times' category, I've always had one set of sights focused on December, 2012 as a goal to achieve. That's when the Mayan calendar ends. Unfortunately, for reasons not fully understood, the Maya didn't make it that far. Hopefully, however, many of us around today will.

I'm not sure if the Maya were all that keen on heavenly bodies' motions through the cosmos that so influenced their calendars and the future or if their wisdom was something they may have inherited from their mysterious predecessors. Certainly when it came to things not understood within the framework of European high knowledge the Maya had a lot more of it than originally credited them by their trans-Atlantic cousin invaders. But, as with most conquerors, whenever confronting knowledge of their vanquished they don't understand, it's always best to burn or obliterate it from the face of the Earth apparently.

Mayan calendar. December 21st, 2012 is its end. Was 12/21/2012 the point where they just
ran out of stone on the calendar or, as they were telling us
, that's where it all ends? With less
than five years to find the "next page" and, it appearing there is none, some are gravely con
cerned for our future. (For mankind's at least,
hopefully, maybe.)

Well, trying to steer away from current events is difficult, especially when more and more of us are savoring the latest news less and less. Regular readers here know I am not a big fan of the species Homo sapiens. On an endless track to greater and greater mass insanity, I decided to take drastic action Friday -- I went out a bought a new patio furniture set. I would use it to watch events between now and December 21st, 2012 unfold, or until such time that is no longer possible. My own small contribution to the unfolding madness.

Let's face it. Things are never going to be the way they were. The U.S. is diving head first into decline and decay, taking much of the world down with it while global climate and electromagnetic patterns of recent history are becoming increasingly less stable. And with the flux amplifying, the "interesting times" we find ourselves in are exceedingly more so as a result. We're in for a great ride. Coincidence this is all happening as lead up to the point the Maya ran out of stone on their calendar? I don't know.

But now in possession of the biggest, cushiest patio furniture set ever, I'm better prepared to sit out and watch. Why, I've even set up the laptop out there to see where the latest violent storms struck overnight or to check the updated figures on global deaths by starvation or U.S. inflicted wars.

To christen the occasion yesterday eve, I chose
an enchilada plate for my first meal outside. Of course, with corn no longer available, the enchiladas were little more than some melted cheese with specks of onion in a red chili sauce. And while the frijoles refridas were there, the rice wasn't. That's gone now too. And, truthfully, I'm more than a little concerned how much longer the excellent India Pale Ale I washed it down with will be available in that the hops and grains used to make it are going into gas tanks instead.

Despite these annoying changes, I noted strong reminders of the status quo still linger however. Like over 100 geese fluidly changing formation patterns from one long vee into three smaller vees and back again as they flew quickly overhead on their way north for the summer. I couldn't quite hear their squawking. That's because of another clue of "normalcy," i.e., the sound of traffic on the freeway only several blocks distant. Sometimes you can not only hear it, but with proper breezes, you can smell it! That is, until - like me on my new patio eating my cornless and riceless enchilada plate - folks up on the freeway run out of gas.

But not to worry. We still have over four and a half years to December 21, 2012. That is, if we're lucky enough to make it that far. In the meantime, I'll be soaking it all in with keen interest from the back patio until compelled to join in a food riot or something. Until then, it's apathetic American status quo out on the cushy patio
for me. Two thousand twelve, here we come!



eProf2 said...


I'm glad to see that you've gotten down off the ladder and found a soft landing on the new patio furniture. Sweet! Now, just don't spill any paint on the new set. Have a great day on your scenic walk. 12/21/2012 is still some time off.

Fran said...

I think you are on to something here. And you may as well savor those frijoles, sans arroz & Pale Ale for now. Don't postpone joy. Maybe the Mayans are right. If not, at least you are safer off the ladder & without paintbrushes or hammers in hand. Or was the Indian Pale Ale involved with those other projects????

dada said...

OK, ok....thanks for the wonderful reminders from both of you to stay off the freakin' ladder. (I have, and the fingers are healing evidenced by glances up to the beam - site of the last nailing of a finger - with growing urges to reascend those rungs and finish off a nail half driven in, still standing against a bright blue sky as reminder of who won the last round....ah, shades of the "Rocky" theme and a comeback are growing stronger in my head).

Fran, as for the IPA implication in the undoing of my left hand, I must - under oath...something Big Dick and Little Bush shun - attest to the innocence of.

However, once everything gets resettled to where I can kick back and watch the downfall of civilization and enjoy my own demise in the process (unsure of which will occur first), and I only say that because of today's "networking" problems on the patio with the laptop connecting with the iMac in the house...(always something, right?), I promise I will then and only then pop the lid from a bottle of Ninkasi IPA from Eugene - those brewers who put out a special edition ale in support of pro civil liberties US senate candidate from Oregon, Steve Novick. (No doubt, someone you deem worthy of your vote?)

Republicans don't need that sh*t. Coors doesn't bother with a special limited edition run of beer to raise money...they just shovel slews of bucks into conservative coffers w/o any effort to enhance the mood of supporters with a good beer who are coughing up the last bucks intended for food to feed their kids until their next paycheck.

D.K. Raed said...

(shoot, blogger just ate my comment so I'll try again) ...

You've just given me a terrific idea to try in my ongoing efforts to persuade my dad against coors. He's a lifelong FDR-Democrat. Does the blood run strongly enough to overcome being diluted by so many coors over the yrs? That remains to be seen.

And here's some interesting Mayan news: they weren't talking about the end of the world in 2012. Just the end of this "cycle". I think they believe there've been 5 cycles so far. Finding out if the end of this cycle includes the end of man will be interesting, indeed.

eProf2 said...

Dada, DK reminded me of Eric Wolf's 1959 book titled, Sons of the Shaking Earth. If you look at the Mayan or Aztec calendar, you can see the four previous worlds of fire, earth, air and water. The meso-american peoples believed that there are two cycles, one every 52 years and a second, longer cycle, of 5,125 years. We are in the final seven years of the longer cycle ending in 12/21/2012 when the fifth world of shaking or earthquakes will start. Hence, sons of the shaking earth. It's open to interpretation as to what the fifth cycle will look like. Some say it will be a long period of peace and
a "shaking" off of materialism and the traps of time. That's the optimistic view. The pessimistic view is that we'll all perish and new forms of life will emerge leaving no humans behind, kind of like what happened to the dinosaurs. The next seven years will be interesting as more and more speculation about the meaning of the calendar will become intense. So, let's hope your warranty on the pation set is for at least seven or eight years so you can rest assured of a comfortable view of the changes coming.

dada said...

Yes, thank you for further elucidation of the Mayan calendar D.K. and eProf. It leaves begging the question of what these folks saw (or why) in these cycles or patterns that enabled them to attach a particular characteristic of each to which we may look forward to (or brace ourselves against).

Indeed, it makes the next few years just a bit more interesting, thinking we may be part of a greater something we don't totally understand. Certainly, things unfolding at present appear to be telling us change (dramatic change) is in the cards that will affect us all.

eProf2 said...


I have no idea why I was thinking seven years until 2012 when it's only 4 years and some months. I hate that when I can't add! Have a great Monday. Oh, sorry about the pizza.

dada said...

Thanks eprof for clarifying because I was thinking maybe our calendar's 12/21/2012 didn't align with the Maya's last days as we all thought.

But as you confirm thru a simple addition mix-up, it's still later than we think.