Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday's McCain video

Anyone who's watched a fish jerked from its home waters and be "air-boarded" as it flips and flops over and over on a ship's deck, gasping for water, has to appreciate senator John McCain's efforts to speak out against waterboarding and to take the lead in congress as an advocate against torture but then flopping over and voting against a ban on waterboarding yesterday in the senate.

Fortunately, the senate's vote against this form of torture passed without senator McCain, 51-45.

I don't pretend to understand what's with McCain's flip-flopping. Maybe his presidency bid needs to appeal to those God fearing compassionate conservatives who seem to embrace the creation and spread of human misery whenever possible. Maybe McCain's five years of torture in captivity have screwed up his senses. Or perhaps senator McCain's motives are not anything that can be analyzed or comprehended, being McCain may just be plain fucking nuts.

Whatever the reason, I dedicate today's 81 second video to John McCain's apparent state of confusion.

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D.K. Raed said...

good vid, dada! Of course your taxes are funding part of the war (unless you are in the higher income bracket). The rest is being passed on to our children/grandchildren/etc in the form of humongous debt. But I have no doubt that if McC were to become prez, he would not hesitate to also send each & every one of us a bill, too. Expect wholesale construction of debtor's prisons to commence upon his inaugeration.

I compared him to a naked mole rat yesterday. Unfair & rude to the mole rat, whose unfortunate fate it is to resemble johnnymac.