Thursday, February 14, 2008

Reminder: Be sure to wipe your feet!

Please note the seventeen senate democrats who sided with the minority party earlier this week by voting against their sworn oaths of office to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States by granting president Bush continued domestic surveillance powers and immunity to telecom companies abetting in his illegal activities.

The seventeen senate democrats in this Hall of Shame are as follows:

Baucus, Montana
Bayh, Indiana
Carper, Delaware
Casey, Pennsylvania
Conrad, N.D.
Inouye, Hawaii
Johnson, S.D.
Kohl, Wisconsin.
Landrieu, Louisiana
Lincoln, Arkansas
McCaskill, Missouri
Mikulski, Maryland
Nelson, Florida
Nelson, Nebraska
Pryor, Arkansas
Rockefeller, W.Virgina
Salazar, Colorado
Webb, Virginia
Whitehouse, Rhode Island

Misquoting senator Orrin Hatch of Utah after passage of the bill, “Stripping the bill of immunity for telecom companies would have been an unacceptable risk; a risk our country couldn’t afford to take,” Hatch said. “We can’t jeopardize the safety of our president, the vice president and the ass of every administration member and supporting members of the congress for conspiring to dismantle the Constitution."

"Failure to grant such immunity would fail to protect those guilty of seditious acts. Without immunity, fears of government conspiracy would be exposed as well as classified information designed to protect the guilty."


dada said...

Geez...after posting the 17 complicit dems, I counted the list. It has 19! Whoops!

Nona said...

Voting against immunity for the telecoms would endanger donations from telecom lobbyists to U.S. traitors in the Senate - might hurt their bottom lines.

But when this bill got kicked back to the House, what happened? I'm still trying to understand if the Democrats suddenly felt the conviction of their moral responsibility and stiffened their spines, or if they have some other ulterior motives and plan to cave in late at night when we're not paying attention?

dada said...

Oh, of course, of course, why didn't I think of this? When it comes down to a choice between the republic and congress' bribe $$$$dough, there's no question which they'll chose.

Well, I heard Pelosi say the house, rather than concede to compromise, might just let the whole frickin' bill expire. Of course, when it comes down to cutting special interest bucks, of breaking from the teat that feeds 'em, bold talk goes out the window often, doesn't it?

Fran said...

Doormat or toilet paper?
One nation under surveillance....

dada said...

Ew, fran. Doormat maybe, but I don't think I'd opt for the other use for something that others have shed their blood on defending with their lives or, more recently, wiped their feet on to destroy.

D.K. Raed said...

And what exactly is the "risk" Senator Hatch thinks is unacceptable, even unaffordable? I think he is still pissed that Qwest, headquartered in his own backyard, was the only telecom to refuse to comply with warrantless wiretapping, when others like AT&T were so eager to comply, they forgot to do a quick-check with Legal. But that's our democracy: freedom tossed out the window to protect lobbyists & criminals.