Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sooner or later, we're all linked!

Being among others of far greater import than himself, Dada learned yesterday of the gratification
to be gained simply by "inclusion" or "recognition" than the more disparaging myth "size matters."

Anyone familiar with this blog knows one thing I've demonstrated erratically with much irregularity is the love I have for the state of New Mexico. Just six or seven miles south of its border, I never intended to land in Texas. Fortunately, escape is always within close proximity.

There are many things I love about New Mexico. Previous blogs have hinted of some of those things. But there are other things that amuse me. For example, were New Mexico to declare its independence, it would immediately become the world's third largest nuclear armed nation, landing it high on the U.S. list of axis-of-evil states I suppose. Or there's its most recent distinction. New Mexico can pride itself in being the last Super Tuesday state to report its primary outcome via caucuses. (Don't hold your breath, it still hasn't.)

Maybe it's fitting that the surprise I received yesterday should come from The Land of Enchantment. That's because I was honored when I learned the online version of a fiercely independent newspaper, The Grass Roots Press published in Las Cruces, New Mexico, included a link to Dada's Dally!

Describing Dada's as "defying description," I was truly honored. (I think.) But to be listed among the links of writers I have come to enjoy and look forward to reading is a little overwhelming. People like Carolyn Baker, author of her upcoming book, The Spirituality of Collapse: Restoring Life On A Dying Planet, or James Howard Kunstler, author of The Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle website. These are people whose dark views I appreciate for their sobering assessments. (I'm equating dark in this sense to "realistic," a sense desperately missing in reporting of today's state of things.)

To appear as a link alongside these analysts who dare to warn of what may lie ahead for all of us I feel very appreciative. It's a tack I share but shy from here on Dada's Dally lest I scare away my remaining six or seven regular readers.

So here's where I pay gratitude to the person responsible for wrapping me in this same package with the other, bigger, links he chose to highlight. That would be the publisher of The Grass Roots Press, Stephen Klinger.

Thanks, Steve! I like to think these are all links of pure pork, but I opted for the Fresh Turkey Sausage label for that foul that may linger among them. I encourage interested Dada readers to sample these links. They're made of real meat!


eProf2 said...

Well done! You deserve the link with these interesting folks inasmuch as you're an interesting folk. I went to their web pages and I'll start to read them to make some mental notes. I guess, my friend, you're going to have to start publishing some books as Baker, Kuntsler, and Klinger all seem to have books for sale on their web pages. So, find a publisher on your travels to small out of the way NM places, which, I recall, I mentioned to you some time ago. It will be interesting to see if you acquire any new regulars to post comments from these links. Have a great weekend.

D.K. Raed said...

Congrats! You definitely "defy description", Dada. But now I think you've been holding out on us if you feel you've been shying away from warning us of what lies ahead. Be assured you have spawned many nightmares about the future. To think it could be any darker might cause the inner reptilian brain to finally assert complete control. Aacckkkk!

Seriously, The Grass Roots Press looks very spicy. I look fwd to checking out the authors mentioned. Be keepin' that sausage fresh, landlubber; we wants th' real meaty taste o'truth served up hot on a chesty plank & will sail far to find it, yaaar!

Border Explorer said...

I'm so glad to see you receive this well-deserved recognition, Dada. Grassroots Press knows a good thing when it appears.
Thanks for providing the links to the other writers with whom you share the spotlight.
My laptop's gonna overheat with all these sites I need to 'favorite' and read. Or is that just a good excuse to purchase the cooling pad I've had my eye on? But I digress! Keep up the good work. I'm waiting for that first book, too.

D.K. Raed said...

oops, I meant "rusty plank"! I have NO idea what a "chesty plank" might be. At the time, I was thinking how Davey Jones' luvly treasure chest could be one of Cheney's undisclosed locations. Arggh!

Fran said...

There is your 10 minutes of fame! Congratulations! Well deserved. It's always an advent-cha visiting your blog.

dada said...

Thanks to all who took the time to drop by the (new/revised) Grass Roots Press website.

It was not my intention to leave this particular post on "top of the heap" for so long. As Fran might probably think, I'm trying to stretch my 10 minutes of fame, but really that's not the case.

Instead, we have been distracted over the weekend. For example, Mrs. Dada and I have out "sleeping around" different parts of town (shopping for a new box springs and mattress). There's no way one can tell how a new mattress will suit 'em until sleeping on it a few nights, but at least we "settled" on one and will find out after delivery later this month how we did.

Thanks d.k. for the clarification. I admit, I was in the dark about a "chesty plank."

And border explorer - you mentioned a "cooling pad" for your lap top. I've never heard of these. Do they make 'em for people as well? Sounds like a great idea.

And thanks for the encouragement. Eprof - I could never be a political commentator/writer, but one who describes new discoveries through travel to out-of-the-way places sounds great.

D.K. Raed said...

Don't envy you tackling the new bed situation. We went Euro last time. After a few nights on the "kinder, medium-firm mattress", we invoked their money-back guarantee to force an exchange for a "firm". Still no good, so the mfr offered to try one more thing before total refund. He custom-constructed a wooden platform that made it "perfect" ... or at least it was perfect until I began hot-flashing the next year & discovered that Euro-style, with all those foam-padded thermally-enclosed cells, really heats up a hot-flasher! Next time, we'll go more conventional, but with a custom-firmness air inflator. And I'll use extra covers if I'm cold.

BTW, you did not hint of the delicious surprise on your James Howard Kunstler link, i.e. "Las Vegas, Utopia of Clowns". While he did not exactly capture MY experience growing up there in the 50-60's, it was an excellent tale of caution. As Kunstler puts it, Las Vegas "is the place where America's spirit crawled off to die ... a setting designed to ravage the central nervous system and induce acute agoraphobia". It doesn't get much better than that.

dada said...

Glad you liked Kunstler's "Las Vegas" I enjoyed it also. It seem to pretty well dovetail with my impressions of that fair city.