Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Astonishing coincidence?

It is now being reported a forth internet cable that serves mid-east communications and its link with Europe and North America has been damaged.

With the latest news of two additional cables serving Middle East communications, Earthfiles.com is reporting "geopolitical speculation is that cutting major undersea fiber optic communication cables is deliberate sabotage before some unknown upcoming event in the Middle East or elsewhere."


D.K. Raed said...

OMG! O-M-G !!
I can't help thinking of the old axiom that the first casualty of war is truth.
As if things weren't bad enough.
And here I was happily conjecturing who might win the lion's share of delegates tonight.
Now I'll be checking my iodine & canned food/bottled water stockpile.

Fran said...

Are you insinuating some country or government might do covert things in the Middle East?
Where would you get that idea????

dada said...

That might be a good idea, D.K., because this does sound a little ominous. And I'm so, like, totally dumbfounded we've heard little about this in our MSM (especially the cutting of the third, and the fourth, cables).

Fran: It seems like such "coincidences" would be beyond someone without sophisticated means to accomplish "synchronicities" like these.

I mean, it seems it would require someone with a navy perhaps to severe these underwater ties, but I can't think of any nation possessing such that would be so hell bent on planning something evil perhaps.

Thank heavens America is using all its available resources to fight such acts of terrorism, no matter who the perpetrators of these events be! God bless us!

Cart said...

If bullshit was music... The logistical planning which allowed two major cables to be vulnerable to a dragging anchor line is more than consistent with out current arrogance.
Even if it were intentional the blame should go back to those responsible for the planning.