Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful beautiful people?

New water boarder attorney general nominee, Michael Mukasey, who is replacing the old water boarder attorney general, Alberto Gonzales.

Naomi Klein: ...this is a man who has said to the world that...simulated drowning, water torture, is not illegal. elevate a man who has said this to the highest legal office in the country, I think, just puts everyone of those lawmakers, but particularly the Democrats who voted for him, into bold new territory. They have just crossed a line, because they can no longer pin this on Bush. They can no longer claim ignorance. Anyone who faces these techniques in the future, they will be complicit in those war crimes, in those crimes against humanity -- everybody who voted for this man.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, democrat, CA, -- while never having been water boarded herself, endorses its continuance by voting for another of its advocates, Mukasey, saying, "At least he's not as bad as Gonzales," thus joining this nation's elite group of war criminals.

Assuming he'll never have to worry about drowning on a water board, senator Chuck Shummer, democrat, New York, also votes to continue the practice under the new attorney general Mukasey saying, "He wasn't my first choice." Shumer, saying congress can pass a law against waterboarding sometime in the future. Ignoring the fact we already have laws against water boarding and other forms of torture leaves one to wonder if congress did pass such a law, who the fuck would enforce it?

Shummer joins senator Feinstein as a war criminal until they do.

Once again, president Bush is pleased with democratic party solidarity.


enigma4ever said...

all of this makes me soooooo is wrong with these people...

D.K. Raed said...

recall Schumer was the one who recommended Mukasey to Bush as "an acceptable candidate". Wonder who would've been unacceptable?

D.K. Raed said...

oh! I just noticed your Schumer photo has a "self-serve" sign pointing directly at him. I think I just destroyed a sinus ... still snorting ... thanks!

Fran said...

While politicians debate over the potential criminality of waterboarding, or how to ignore it, this I know for sure-- dealing with this regime has been torture in & of itself.

If Mukasey is no different than Gonzales, then he will need a new nickname


or Gonz-ukasey

dada said...




D.K. Raed said...

Muke-Berto! (I like saying 'Berto, like those old TV ads featuring luscious italian babes saying, Ciao 'Berto, I don't even remember what the ads were hawking)

azgoddess said...

just goes to prove that

we are united under one party - the money party...there is no red nor blue - only white