Saturday, March 10, 2007

Quote of the Day

Doug Thompson from Turn off the life support: America is dead

Another week passed and the latest revelations of governmental power abuses are being exposed to the sun in the mountainous stinking heap of growing fascism for our own good.

This week included the FBI and Justice Department admissions of illegal prying into citizen's private information and a congressional investigation into the firing of US Attorneys leading directly to the White House. (If you like good irony, you just gotta love the "Justice" Department as a source of crime.)

In light of these scandals, it's nice to read someone like Doug Thompson who shares so much of my optimism for the future of this country.


D.K. Raed said...

You and D. Thompson may be correct that the American experiment is over. Future historians may marvel how quickly we sputtered out, leaving naught behind save a strange rosetta stone known as the constitution.

Selfishly, I hope for much more twilight time before actual hell breaks loose:

'Twixt rosy sunset and blackened night
Comes a moment so sweet,
A quiet place where time itself seems to slip sideways for awhile.

ps, remember to lose an hour somewhere today -- I know just which hour I want to get rid of! ~~ D.K.

PTCruiser said...

I'm a big fan of quotes. I particularly liked this one.

azgoddess said...

i like this quote...very nice...