Friday, March 09, 2007

If I were....

If I were....

....a Democratic congressional representative, I'd give president Bush his $100 billion dollar appropriation for more troops in Iraq for this year, but I'd talk real, no, no, I mean really, really tough (!) about giving him any more money for needless deaths and injuries of our military in 2008. Why, I'd even threaten to withdraw our troops next year!

If I were....

....president Bush, I'd laugh my ass off and vow to veto a Democratic proposal that would withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq in 2008.

If I were....

....the FBI, I'd smile at the news of my agency's errors and breaches of the law we committed in accessing the personal information of unknowing U.S. citizens--like telephone, e-mail and financial records of those poor, naive citizens unaware they're being watched--illegally. (Or is that "legal" now?)

If I were....

....a diligent researcher, I'd follow the trail of mayhem created by president Bush on his Latin American tour. I'd document the number of people protesting his visits, the number injured, jailed, (killed?). I'd count the money expended by these poorer countries for extra police and security forces and measures to protect Bush from the realities manifested by his policies.

(And I'd volunteer in anyway I could to help the Mayan priests who will purify the sacred archaeological site, "Iximche" on a high western plateau in Guatemala after its contamination from Bush's visit there.)


D.K. Raed said...

If I were a poor Guarani Indian in Paraguay, I'd hold onto my ass as Bush helicopters overhead slobbering over his 100K acres while fritzing toward Uruguay.

If I were a Mayan, I'd be hoping a modern "purification" wouldn't have to involve any still-beating human hearts bleeding down the pyramid steps. But short of that, I would realize that removing Bush's contamination is a worthy goal & do whatever I could to assist.

If I were a South American, I would not appreciate the subtlety of the Bush PR Team referring to his appearance as "engaging with Latin America". I would wonder at the use of that particular word which has so many military & marital connotations.

Great Post, Dada!!! And your new look is sure easy on the old eyes. ~~ D.K.

dada said...

Deke: In reading this morning's news of the Bush's tour, of his "meeting" with the prez of Uruguay, I'm wondering if that isn't the REAL reason behind this whole L.A. Tour - he and Pickles are securing their retirement "villa" (or compound) and to avoid being too obvious about it, they threw in four other nations on the tour to skirt suspicions.

Nothing like US taxpayers footing the costs of his huggermuggery, just as we've paid and paid for his administration enriching themselves atop the backs of dead american soldiers and Iraqis at the bargain price of freedoms lost and future generations hocked into destitution.

Oh, and this headline this morning that the Justice Department admits the FBI broke the law? (Wow, it must be really blatant. Isn't the FBI part of the lawbreaking Justice Department? Wow!)

And Deke, thanks for the nice feedback on the blog's new look.

D.K. Raed said...

aaah, your mention of "Pickles" reminds me of Mike Malloy who was the first person I heard calling her that. I miss him!

But then you mention "huggermuggery" which I don't think I've EVER heard before. Sounds kinda dickensenian. ~~ D.K.

Rose said...

Well, in the zany world of "W", the administration has already scrubbed that request for *just* $1 billion. Because bad is not good enough- a new request has already been made:
Bush Seeks $3.2B for Extra Iraq Forces

Mar 10, 7:38 PM (ET)


(AP) U.S. President George W. Bush listens to a
question during a joint press conference with the...

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) - President Bush asked
Congress on Saturday for $3.2 billion to pay for at
least 4,000 extra combat support troops and military
police forces that commanders told the president they
need in Iraq.
The extra troops are in addition to the 21,500-troop
buildup Bush announced in January. The budget
revisions come as many lawmakers opposed to the
buildup are debating funding for the war.
Bush is proposing to cancel $3.2 billion in
low-priority defense items within his fiscal 2007
supplemental budget request to offset the need for
these extra forces.
Cutting the programs, he said, would not require
increasing the overall $93.4 billion in additional
defense money he's already requested to finance this
year's war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"This revised request would better align resources
based on the assessment of military commanders to
achieve the goal of establishing Iraq and Afghanistan
as democratic and secure nations that are free of
terrorism," Bush wrote in a letter to House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi.

$1 billion, $4.2 billion, just put it on the $8.7 trillion dollar debt tab. He he.