Saturday, January 13, 2007

Recreating The Last Supper?

Americans huddled together across the land in scenes out of some da Vinci like mural Wednesday night to hear the latest proclamations of their Father protector.

But if Bush's subjects were hopeful of hearing something new for Iraq after he had consulted civilian and military experts across the land, their hopes quickly morphed into despair. Groans of disappointment, gasps of disgust could be heard behind the collective TV screens across the country. Some yawned in apathy. Many tuned out. Many more didn't even tune in.

While Bush announced plans for his fourth or fifth re-escalation of the war in Iraq, the real telling sign The People had little hope was the realization of their Father's strengthening, not waning, priapismic lustings for war. The people will have to sacrifice again and more, perhaps a lot more, he told us after intimating he now longs to engage Iran.

Here in El Paso, we are home to Ft. Bliss. It's primarily an air defense artillery center. Insurgents and terrorists of Iraq have no military air combat capability. That is why the El Paso Times announced before Father's speech Wednesday that Ft. Bliss troops would probably not be called upon to contribute to this newest Iraq re-escalation.

But Bush, our Father, threatened Syria. And he threatened Iran and as evidence of our priming for war with them, ABC News told me last night that "sources inside the administration" revealed Iran, acting provocatively, has already been engaged by American troops. I once more felt the strange victim of this administration's sick propaganda aided by our mainstream media.

War with Iran is why the The El Paso Times Saturday headline read, "Patriots will go to Iraq." (Patriots are those missiles credited with killing all those Scuds during Gulf War I, while really missing just about everything they were designed to hit.)

Sadly, our newspaper's original report had it wrong. Ft. Bliss will be contributing to the re-escalation. But if the Iraqi civil war poses no air threat to Americans there, why are they now telling us our Father protector is sending 600 troops with missiles? As our paper further told us, the Patriots are for use against Syria and Iran!

On the 11:00 news just before retiring last night, I heard assurances were given congress by our new secretary of defense Gates and white house spokesman Snow denying Bush had plans to engage war with Iran. Their reassurances concluded as usual, with "War is always the last resort." But somehow the people groan at this, having learned with Bush, and Iraq and war, our great Protector's "last resort" is really his "first choice." The people are on to him and his hackneyed, empty assurances that end up getting people killed.

I'm no psychologist, but I've witnessed people who suffer addictions and often the "cure" for their compulsive physiological and psychological need to satisfy their (often) destructive habit comes in the form of transference to some other (often) less harmful addiction. Religious militant fundamentalism may be cured by sudden devotion to atheism. Alcoholism or drugs may be substituted with caffeine, religion, aspartame laced diet sodas, or--in Bush's case--all of these, plus power. Sadly, as unhealthy as Bush's prior addictions were for him, his new one is for us all, for allowed to continue unabated, many more will die. Needlessly.

Sensing that more and more probably explains the "Ooohs," "Ahhhs," moans and groans emulating from huddled masses nationally this past Wednesday night. Bush's continued escalation of the deterioration of planet Earth is sensed as proof he is, indeed, not cured. He's addicted as ever and I fear his increasing need for more and more power in defiance of all logic and reason is evidence of this.

Unfortunately, the current "cure" for Bush's addictive personality is about to really manifest in the form of a growing expense to the health and well being of the entire planet. A cost it cannot afford. And many, many more of us will pay and pay dearly.

Could someone pass that wine chalice down to my end of the table?


enigma4ever said...

I think the chalice might be empty...sorry...
( 6 years is a long time to pass the chalice- we need keg...)

Really good writeup....of a crappy situation.

dada said...

Enigma: How 'bout a keg of Arrogant Bastards?!!

D.K. Raed said...

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enigma4ever said...

damnit, I would get here for Last Call....and who would have thought the joint would or could run out of Arrogant Bastards...darn...