Saturday, January 13, 2007

A perfect match!

During yesterday's visit downtown for a lunch hour peace vigil, I couldn't help but be drawn to a small building for lease. It looked like just the place to locate Dada's Dally. I tried envisioning it as such.

What I found especially enthralling was its facade, forever drenched in sunshine while, at the same time, under an eternally dark cloud.


enigma4ever said...

It also almost looks like there is a rainbow in the upper corner? It is perfect...( just needs a certain dog laying out front ;-)

D.K. Raed said...

Strange windows, kind of moroccan? It looks almost too perfect there all by itself. Is it in a section of town that could support a new dada art gallery? oooh, very nice thought, enigma, it sure does need a lazy dog at the front door. Very nice scene. ~~ D.K.

karena said...

I was in New Mexico once, the town I cannot remember, outside of Taos a pretty long ways, and they had a building kind of like that and a big porch. If you went inside the building they made and sold beautiful sandwiches. You took the sandwiches, Black Forest Ham and Brie and the like outside, where you ate them amidst a coterie of large, lazy, mellow dogs, the kind only New Mexico can produce. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I do hope you rent that building and turn it into Dada's daily. There is so much potential there, so much.

dada said...

Karena: Thanks for the wonderful comment. As I read it, I felt myself being pulled back to New Mexico. I could tell you were really feeling it as you remembered it. I was there with you!

I felt the power of your memories so intensely, I had to immediately share them with my wife. She remarked how much you sounded like me!

I wish I knew of this place you spoke, because I love to explore northern New Mexico. Could it have been around Chimayo? Or maybe some place we've yet to discover.

The dogs you describe are exactly the kind only New Mexico can produce. They exist in so many places, like at the pueblos. Many don't seem to belong to any one person or family in particular. "It takes a village to raise a dog" is the credo so many young pups grow up under.

But, alas, Taos--which has become a very special place to us over the past 10 yrs. or so--is slipping away from us. And your comment here is begging me to write about it. History it seems is often written in little niches that exist briefly in time before evolving into something else.

This is the sad news I learned for the first time a week or so ago and I know it means the Taos we had grown to love, that we had spent so much time infiltrating the inner circle of the outer societal fringes of, is changing just as all things do inevitably.

Hopefully I can find the right pictures soon to write my ode to the Taos we so loved these past few years. Before this feeling subsides into a memory of "one of the greatest experiences of my life."

Thanks for stirring the emotions a bit!

dada said...

e4e: When we find the right place (if we haven't already), we'll have the perfect dog to lie out front and soak up sun.

and force me to confess. This little building, so unique and intriguing, is really not for lease. It belongs to some friends and you hit the nail on the head--it is a quaint little art gallery!

So, it appears I was simply sharing a fantasy with you all. But as you can probably tell, karena's comment about it brought me full circle by pulling me back to reality. And what a wonderful reality it can be. Sometimes just as good as any fantasy!