Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Quote of the Day:

“What I want to hear from you is how we’re going to win, not how we’re going to leave.”

(Warning words of their *strong* commander-in-chief, George W. Bush, to his generals in December)

** The more lucid members of American society may wish to substitute any of the following words in place of *strong*: delusional, psychopathological, insolent, punk, deserter, or any other they deem more appropriate.


enigma4ever said...

Well I have some things I want to hear too:
(1) Bush and Cheney went to Prison today.
(2) Condi had a tragic accident when she fell overboard her new Tanker.
(3)President Obama and VP Edwards anounced that the Former Regime has announced War Crimes Charges against the Entire Former Bush Regime.
(4) AL Gore, Our UN Ambassador has announced that the UN is also participating in the War Crimes Inestigation...
(5) Today from Rehab Foley has announced that he is so sorry about the Love Photo being released of he and Mr.George Bush.
(6) Today ALL the troops have returned Home.

Oh, damn ..I thought I heard all that ...must have just been the High I got from licking the Surge Protector.....It was Shocking..

D.K. Raed said...

Ditto, Enigma, except Edwards as VP. Won't happen. But Edwards/Obama would be a dream (for me) ticket, like an antidote to all the poison we've been forced to swallow these last few yrs.

Yes, Dada: Strong = headstrong = incapable of rethinking = delusional (at best). How we're going to win? Depends on who "we" is. ~~ D.K.

enigma4ever said...

depends on what the" Winning" is too....