Saturday, January 06, 2007

Prepping to surge with LIWERARESTREPOSTOTERs (or putting the fun back in The Apocalypse)

One of the hidden appropriations included in a recent congressional Iraq war supplement of $70 billion that is now coming to light seems to dovetail perfectly with the warning by senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman made yesterday that Iraq could slip into chaos without a "surge" in US troop strength.

McCain, speaking during a luncheon at the conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, said of such a surge, “it must substantial and it must be sustained.” The marines newest rapid response weapon for Iraq

As congress is now learning, $2.5 billion of the war supplement appropriation they approved for Iraq is to go for more than 1,000 of these light-weight rapid response stealth responders to terrorists (or LIWERARESTREPOSTOTERS for short). Among the advantages of the LIWERARESTREPOSTOTERS over the current M1-A2 Abrams tank is it's light weight and cost per unit.

And because the LIWERARESTREPOSTOTERS is battery powered, it will be far stealthier than the M1-A2 Abrams which Iraqi insurgents can hear coming up to 15 minutes before they arrive. Capable of speeds up to 79 mph, nearly double that of the Abrams, it will provide US forces with a rapid response capability against IED's and terrorist bombers in the crucial role it is expected to play in the recapture of Baghdad streets. LIWERARESTREPOSTOTERS is being eagerly anticipated under president Bush's planned surge to be announced next week.

The LIWERARESTREPOSTOTERS will be manned by retired US marines, between the ages of 65-82, recruitment for which will begin January 11th, immediately after president Bush's unveiling of his ambitious, first-ever war plan for Iraq.

Pentagon officials expect little difficulty in attracting 2,000 or more marines out of retirement to bolster Bush's ever sagging US military capability. "Of all US ex-military members, marines are the most loyal, to the core!" said president Bush, commander-in-chief and former air national guardsman.


enigma4ever said...

I was supposed to be out of town tonight, but here I am...I had to compliment you on this post- OMG...too much..BTW I sent it off to Keith and also John Stewart.

dada said...

Enigma: Thanks for this comment. Many days I am so in awe of the insanity and incompetence manifested by this administration that I become so sick and tired of hearing myself rant on the same old themes.

I'm not sure this is any better, but it keeps ME amused and distracted for a short time while fantasizing where we're all being drug unwittingly, unwillingly.

It's nice to know someone else was amused. Thanx.

enigma4ever said...

It is critical in these times that we keep each other sane and laughing and able to scrutinize the Insanity and call it for What it is...and to know that we are in this Together and that we will get through it Together...

If you were here with the Mrs Dada and Sammy Cincos, Mr and Mrs DK, Mel and PT and everyoone we would go Lay on Impeach Beach together and then meet up for a Arrogant Bastard Ale here at the Cafe....

I KNOW we will get these Fuckers out of the White Castle...and take back the White House- OUR White House...

D.K. Raed said...

yeah! The Impeach Beach with lots of sunscreen (cuz we may be out there awhile). The beaches on either side are Dog Beach and Beer Beach, so everyone's needs are met.

Dada, you know how lots of peacetime inventions come out of wartime necessity? Well, that little stealth moped looks ideal for getting around our own cities. And I just noticed it has camo paint! Good for quick runs to the grocery store while avoiding terr'iss out looking for neocons.

Ok, didn't mean to make light of a serious subject. Yes, you may be only too correct in the age group of 65-82 facing what will be their final recall before this is all done. Now, about the marines ... I do think they are loyal to The Corps, but not necessarily to The Chief. At least, I hope so. ~~ D.K.