Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another day in the life of Mohammed Jassim

When we last looked in on Mohammed Jassim, he was standing amid the rubble of a Baghdad coffee shop bombing he had miraculously survived.

Distraught over images he couldn't get out of his mind, Jassim decided to take a Sunday getaway drive out of Baghdad.

But while trying to forget the horrors haunting him from last Tuesday's horrendous event, his plans for a countryside ride with a fellow coffee shop survivor were suddenly scrapped when the car just ahead of them exploded in flames.

Jassim, here on left in white slacks and black jacket, is shown being comforted by his fellow passenger and another man.

"I can't even finish a cup of coffee. Now this!" bemoaned Jassim. "It's impossible to just take a drive into the countryside to escape this reality nightmare my life has become."

"Oh, for Allah's sake, be brave!" the third man is saying. "That was my martyred sister driving the car in front of you!"

"Yes," his passenger joins in, "and for we lucky enough to survive these slaughters, president Bush is sending more troops and a billion dollars to provide us jobs 'painting schools and cleaning streets!' "

Jassim continues sobbing uncontrollably, seeming--for some unknown reason--unconsoled.

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