Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

"2007--the time has come for Impeachment"
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Appears we have our work cut out for us. I was just reading an AP article which reveals things Americans expect to occur in the coming year. Won't bore you with all the gloom of American pessimism, but one poll jumped out at me.

Apparently 1 out of every 4 Americans expect the Second Coming of Jesus in 2007. I suspect these are the same 25% left who comprise the sole base of Bush's remaining support.

Well, if Jesus feels it's time to pay us another visit, it would probably be precisely because of Bush and his diminished hardcore extremist supporters who have really fucked things up. But I really don't believe Jesus is listening to these delusionary gnats. Instead, I suspect he's laughing his ass off.

Which leaves it up to us as Americans to take matters in our own hands and do the hard work that's being demanded by the actions of our incompetent, duplicitous leadership-run-amok of the laws of the nation. Jesus, his Dad, the Fates, evolution or the Universe don't give a shit what happens here with Bush, us and "God's Nation" Bush is leading into disaster.

If there's to be any hope for this country, it's up to us to take matters in our own hands. It's what our Founding Fathers intended, what they would expect.

And for those of you expecting Jesus to pay us a visit in the coming year and save your puny asses because of the fucking muck you've made of the Earth? Don't hold your breath. Your god isn't that merciful.


D.K. Raed said...

These same nitwits have been counting on Jesus (or Moses or Shiva or Siegfried'n'Roy) showing up to solve their messes since we first stepped away from natural observation and became enamored of the supernatural. The christians of 999 AD were absolutely convinced the second coming was coming in 1000 AD. Oh it was all the rage in the 14th century, too, a by-product of The Black Plague. Happened again in 2000 (dieties must have a fancy for triple zeros). And it never seems to fail to subdue the masses. IMO, that's just freackinamazin!

Thank you for that lovely IMPEACH pic. To paraphrase Midnight Oil: "The time has come, a fact's a fact, it belongs to us, let's take it back." ~~ D.K.

dada said...

Geez. I wrote that last night? I sounded so angry!

I guess I was feeling empowered after watching USC thrash their Rose Bowl opponent.

Damn I hate for the holidays to end. They provide such nice distraction. Now just look at us, will you? A new year and we're gonna sample surge, sample draft, stay the course (no matter what they call it).

What we have here is a constitutional crisis, i.e., our govt isn't much into constitutions and the populace doesn't much give a shit.

But boy, talk about a Cinderella finish to the Tostitos Bowl in Phoenix last night. Little Boise State really embarrassed their Big(ger) 12 opponent in a gutsy overtime play when they went for the win instead of the tie. And I don't usually devote so much time to these games.

I guess I'm just in dire need of distractions.