Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Global warming, pfffth!

A week after the election and apparently El Viejo, Amarante, can't be bothered right now with politics. Having lain aside his protest flag, I caught a glimpse of him this afternoon with a ristra of chiles.

It appears his more immediate concern is securing the autumn harvest from the inevitable ravages of sinking temperatures. Dreaming of global warming and a fall that doesn't freeze, at his age Amarante shouldn't hold his breath. But if it's any consolation, this is the latest he's left the fruits of summer out in the fields. And there's no real serious threat of a freeze tomorrow night. It's more like a "flirtation."

But a flirtation is sufficient to motivate one to protect, at the very least, that which one wishes to preserve at the very most. The rest he will gather at his leisure in the days ahead, in disbelief as he is, that instead of securing harvests by Halloween, this year at least, his chiles, it would appear, may be safe til Thankgiving and beyond!

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