Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't bet on a beta.

This morning as I came to blogger, I was greeted with the following message:

"Your new version of Blogger is ready!"

Okay, there've been other tempting messages from Blogger to convert the old blog to their new beta blog version, so after saving all the previous Dada blog entries (save for the many wonderful comments from regular readers), I was ready to take the plunge per Blogger's relentless urgings.

Finally I arrived at the buried button, now uncovered, where one dives into the future at the risk of total severing from one's past. Gasp, deep breath, and all that remained to do was hit the "Agree" button.

Such courage was finally conceded in a "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" attitude. Imagine my disappointment after crossing my fingers and closing my eyes, only to peek through slitted eyelids to see the message telling me Blogger could NOT convert my blog to the new better, beta version.

So if this old blog is too large to convert, why the proud announcement, "Your new version of Blogger is ready!"? It's reaching the point where one can't believe anything they're told anymore.

(But curiosity being what it is, I went ahead and opened a new blog under their new format. Mostly to see how much better everything would be "over there." So I won't pass judgment just yet, out of respect for programmers who have been working their collective butts off for months on this. Seems only fair to give 'em a proper chance. But so far I'm not sure what all the hoopla's about.)


D.K. Raed said...

Beta wait for Zeta! (assume you've seen her remake of Zorro and dancing in Chicago?) ~~ D.K.

azgoddess said...

i see that messaeg also - but you are a better man than i am - oh wait, i'm not a man - grin

computer geek that i am, i've decided to wait for them to convert me over...which they eventually have to do...i hope!

enigma4ever said...

Whelp, I am not a Hoopla person...so I am not going to take that BETA plunge...nope...so you were brave...but I am still coming here to the Old Familiar comfy site....and sit on your sofa and see what happens...hope you don't mind....

( this from the woman who didn't get a microwave until 2000....and I had already had a computer for two years..."Change" is a funny thing..and if I am "invited" too much I definently clam up...)

Good Luck Dada...keep us posted.

dada said...


Listen, as much as I rue falling for this, it TRULY was--is always-my inclination to refrain from such temptations of "better, easier, more"--HONEST! But I confess, in this instance I was not as resolute as either of you and for that I say to you both, "Congratulations! Way to go!"

I guess I was driven by a couple of things. 1. Curiosity, 2. desire for a "fresh start" and 3. some form of distraction from my post-elect'em depression. (This latter only exacerbated by news of Trent Lott bobbing back up to the top--apparently his experience, now that his party is in the minority, is more valuable than his racism is detrimental...and Joe Lieberman enjoying, the power of threatening to change party affiliation, thus making the senate a 50-50 deal...like Joe doesn't have a clue that 70% of registered republicans in last Tuesday's election voted for Lieberman!? He's been a frickin' republican since that gnat of a man came waded into my consciousness stream with his selection as Gore's VP in '00.

So what does that have to do with trying the beta? I'm in a real political funk and was maybe trying to experience "rebirth" thru some symbolic, empowering change ala a Trent Lott or Joe Lieberman. (grin)

BTW, just for the record re the new blogger...as already noted...so far, I'm not that impressed. So you are wise AZ, and enigma to maintain the course.

Oh, and on an irrelevant note here AZ. I just completed my second week of federal jury duty--so far without having to appear. And I've managed to escape for another five days (my instructions now are to call back Saturday for possible jury duty beginning next Monday). So far, so good. And next week is a three day week. Yay!

dada said...

raed: Wise words..."Beta wait for Zeta" I agree, despite not having seen Zorro or dancing in Chicago. (???What??? ~ grin)

D.K. Raed said...

Dada, I was referring to Catherine Zeta-Jones. Don't bother with Zorro, but you never saw Chicago? Lots of razzle-dazzle dancing. Zeta was lovely even tho' hiding p.g.ness at the time.

And you had to bring up Loserman! what a disappointing person. remember Gore had narrowed his VP choice down to Lieberman, Kerry or Edwards? And he CHOSE Joe!

Re: post elect'em depress'em ... I know it's hard, we're all so anxious to begin some action to undo as much of the damage done as possible. But, you know nothing's really gonna happen til after the new congress is sworn in in January. The people have spoken in much greater numbers than diebold could negative count. It's a victory to be savored, a moment to enjoy, blue dogs, yellow dogs & socialist dogs alike!

And f*ck Trent f*ckin Lott. He has the desperate sweaty look of old george wallace when he tearfully tried to explain he was no longer prejudiced because he had a negro on his staff. ~~ D.K.

dada said...

Raed: Yes, I agree re the has-been, Lott, and can't wait for Lieberman to be "been" also.

But I think I'm also suffering some pre-lectim depression, re 2008, where at the moment its a two horse race tween front runners Hillary and John. Keee-riste! Is this the best we have to look forward to?

Maybe that explains--more and more--why I'm turning to dogs as a means of distraction. I don't know how much longer I (OR mrs. dada) will be able to resist. Why, just last night we found ourselves drawn into a movie about a young girl and her winsome, scruffy dog. (grin)

enigma4ever said...

Dada: I think there is a anti-climatic cloud that has settled over most of us...Joy over the tsunami but now I think Action is needed and wanted, it is like sitting by the Christmas Tree with all the goodies underneath, waiting to be opened.... January just seems so far away ;-(

Hmmm, new doggie urges ? So many lovelies out there that would thrive under the Care of you and Mrs Dada....

Lie-er-man ...urgh.....yuck...and Let-Me-Be-Kissed McCain such despicable "men".....and yes Trent Bag of Cats Lott...but there is some small comfort in Lott- and that is that Bush despises him...I mean think about it- who besides Rove does Bush have to provide chummy repug cheerleading comfort ?
Delay -Gone....maybe he can join him for a BBQ
Duke Cunningham- write him in prison,
Ney- write him in prison,
Noe- write him in prison
Allen- meet up at Grand Wizard Camp ?
Casino Jack - write him in prison
Ricky Santorum- only on the Links

so have hope....there is change on the horizon...

D.K. Raed said...

E4E, I thought the cat-killer was Frist? oh well, we can look forward to Lott-with-every-hair-on-his-head-carefully-oiled-into-place beginning to resemble Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice as soon as the show starts in January.

and "who besides Rove does Bush have" ... well, when Bush turned on him recently, i wonder for how much longer karl will take it? i mean the guy idolizes W beyond creepension, he's probably considering falling on his sword, or borrowing jeff gannon's old marine dirk. Imagine being shamed publicly by the only object of your desire. so, that leaves Barney (whom he drops & kicks) and Laura (who will need to actually write all those letters to prisoners you mentioned). They say lonely drunks are the worst abusers.

Dada, if McCain & Lieberman run together, we'll see pictures of them being bush-bussed in their ads. Oh no, he was annointing them! (yuck, can i strangle myself now?) ~~ D.K.

meldonna said...

What's bumming me out post-election is Dem leadership claiming impeachment is "off the table". Whose table??? The Democrats take oaths of office swearing to uphold the Constitution themselves, and I'm all for making sure they do just that.

BTW, thanks for the heads-up on Blogger; I'd kinda decided to stay with the system I know anyhow; good to have a little reinforcement on that one.

dada said...

Enigma: I enjoyed reading your list of the Who's Whos of Who's Gones and where they are now.

And Raed, I've always kinda liked Michael Keaton, but will I ever be able to look at him again and NOT think of T. Lott after your comparison? (grin) You poor soul, I mean, if that's who Keaton reminds you of when you seen him. He Hee!

And now I must fold my hand and lay my cards on the table face up. (It's probably something Mel said no doubt.)

I love Stephanie Miller. She's funny, is cute, available, but what really seals it for me is her love of dogs. It's this last trait that had me confessing to Mrs. Dada why I'm gonna marry "Mama" (as she goes by, from those who love her) someday.

But her sidekick on her show agrees impeachment is off the table. (Stephanie isn't so convinced this is right.) His reasons? We don't have the numbers in the senate. "We're" not like "they" are (republicans). It would only serve to divide the country more (WTF?). Oh, and another *big reason* of his? His research shows that historically the impeachee only gathers more sympathy than his impeachers, i.e., Bush's popularity would go up.

So, that's what it all comes down to? We're no longer a nation of laws (J/K! I knew that...haven't been--for the phatcats anyway...for a number of years.) But does that mean we don't even FUCKIN' fulfill our obligations under the (old) laws of the land?

Are we saying certain crimes that killed thousands of innocent people, bankrupted the nation and dismantled its underlying tenets of L, L, and the Pursuit of Happiness(tho faux, to the exclusion of many folks within this nation) are immune from at least a charade at justice those crimes deserve?

Oh hell, I may NOT marry Stephanie so much as she tolerates that shithead sidekick of hers to tell us why we are no longer a nation of laws because of his greater fear of offending conservative assholes and their supporters.

No, never mind. I still love "Mama." It's the dogs.

D.K. Raed said...

dada, I love Michael Keaton, but employ that Beetlejuice image whenever I see the more oily perfectly-coiffed politicians. I imagine some deal going down in the back rooms of congress, something not to their liking, that causes them to lose it & run out looking like Beetlejuice. Without mirrors in their chambers (cuz ghouls don't like to see themselves), they don't realize their appearances have so changed. They'll just be trying to pat their hair into place, looking like Beelejuice in the "marriage" scene as they exit. Network & Cable Cameras waiting by the door will be necessary to fulfil this fantasy.

Re: impeachment ... I'm thinking Pelosi/etc are simply parsing their words very carefully. So, perhaps Impeachment itself is off the table. That doesn't mean they don't start investigating, exposing all the shit that's been happening for everyone to take a good look at. Conyers committe knows just where to start. This might more effectively neuter the regime for these final coupla lame ducky yrs & still give us the satisfaction of being a nation of laws.

Not good enough? well also, remember this: there are a LOT of dirty democrats who don't want their own past flung back at them as it would be if impeachment goes forth. I mean we all remember Henry Hyde up there descrying Clinton peccadillos while justifying his own as youthful indescretion. Democrats are not blameless in this current mess & they know it.

ps, stephanie tolerates her sidekick because she is not a "yes" woman who only wants to be surrounded with "yes" men. See? Another reason to love her! ~~ D.K.