Thursday, October 26, 2006


WTF? Just curious, but when Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said earlier this week that despite the 200,000 troops being tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan ("winning wars there?" ~ Dada), the U.S. still has in excess of two million troops to draw from for a war against North Korea which he assures will result in our victory, did anyone else scratch their head, raise their eyebrows and say, "What the fuck?!"

When we don't have enough troops to maintain forces in Iraq and Afghanistan without stop lossing soldiers from leaving at the end of their 'voluntary' tours, when we have to recall reserve units who've done their tours in Iraq back to active duty to go there again, when we hear stories of a military at its breaking point in the Middle East, our top military leader is telling us we can still kick North Korea's ass, maybe it's time to put somebody in his job that isn't delusionary as his White House leaders. (Of course, that's just "Dream City" there. Psychopathic leaders require continuous delusionary "Yes" men's positive feedback to validate their psychoses.)

But as if that wasn't bad enough, Pace then went on to explain: Because of our ground troop commitments in the Middle East, we would have to rely more on the Air Force and Navy to blow the hell out of the North Koreans. Where--in all his years of military experience--did Pace miss the point that air and sea power will never win a ground war? Hell, we're losing two wars with men on the ground backed by air and naval superiority!)

Pace's outrageous statements continued by conceding with much of U.S. "precision" guided weapons and systems being used in the Middle East, the bombs and missiles used by U.S. air and naval forces in North Korea would not be "as clean as we would like."

With estimates of civilians killed in Iraq now somewhere between 100,000 and more than half a million, are we to take from that the war in Iraq is as clean as Pace likes? It's difficult to imagine a war that might be messier than the one we're already conducting in that country. (And let's not be deceived about the precision of "smart" bombs.)

But that's what Pace is preparing us for--greater atrocities than are being committed in Iraq. Perhaps his "not as clean" reference for North Korea was implying a nuclear option? That's difficult to imagine. Or is it? General Pace, despite being delusionary, should give thanks Americans aren't really listening, that American's capacity for such atrocities and war crimes has yet to reach any appreciable level of outrage, thus permitting him to continue his charade of being competent to lead matters military.

Maybe at his next military press conference, General Pace can reassure us how we'll also thrash the Syrians and Iranians while kicking North Korea's ass as we control Iraq and growing resistance in Afghanistan!

"What the fuck?"


meldonna said...

Rhetoric and bombast, euphemisms and oxymorons. Here's a cute list:

Jumbo shrimp
Military benefits
Pentagon intelligence
in country
smart bomb
lame motherfucking duck

That last one? Latch on, W. Even Freud admitted sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Freedom is the freedom to know that one plus one equals two...and don't you ever forget it.

Big Bubba ain't got our kids narking on us. Yet.

Boy, being human is getting to be such a bummer~~I don't mind extinction so much; but there's no escaping one fact. We are a virus with shoes. Run barefoot every chance you get. And hug the people you love.

While you're at it, wave and smile at the geckos, too...

D.K. Raed said...

yeaay, dada's lost post is found (sounds like an archeology dig)! good work ...

That "not as clean as we would like" stmnt got to me, too. When is war ever clean? Even banish-the-fuckers-who-even-consider-it Nuclear War will literally curdle blood. Oh wait, I guess it's clean if we don't have to see it on tv, huh?

Pace is just another disappointing koolaid-drunk general who loves to appear on camera all squared away in his crisp, tidy uniform. I wish Sherman was around to straighten out these little toy soldiers. He knew war was hell & always looked like he'd just been through the lowest level himself.

Pace's statistics appear to have confused Paul Krugman, too, who says we only have 700,000 to draw from, at least half of which are in off-rotation mode at any given time. Krugman also cited a study about traditionally needing 10 troops on the ground for every 1K citizens in order to occupy a country, 20 troops per 1K if it's gone guerrilla. Which means 500K troops for Iraq, 1350K troops for Iran, and god-knows-how-many for Korea since Kim has already pre-killed so many for us.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? The 2million Pace referred to is a number that is only acheivable with a draft. It's probably the number they've been bandying about the conference table so much, he kind of got confused & blurted it out as if it's already happened. Jesus! When do we all just say NO MORE to these psychopaths?

good list, mel: lamemotherfuckingduck, indeed! We may all be running barefoot soon. ~~ D.K.