Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oñate update, and dissociative thoughts

(photo by Rudy Gutierrez / El Paso Times)

Three weeks ago, I blogged on the the world's largest equestrian statue about to be erected here in El Paso. It's that of Don Juan de Oñate. "The Equestrian" (as it has been renamed in an effort to make history less repulsive due to atrocities committed by Oñate) will stand 44 feet tall once mounted on its 8 foot base.

I confess, I'm excited to see it. The story in today's El Paso Times contains a link to a 2 minute video on the background of the statue.

During his reign as governor of New Mexico, Oñate ordered one foot of each male resident of the Acoma Pueblo over 25 years of age be severed after they attempted a revolt. But the rumor of the amputation of the Oñate statue's foot in retaliation would appear to be an extremely difficult task to accomplish, what with his erection in front of the busy International Airport. Scurying travellers coming and going would be sure to notice, making such mutilation almost impossible to accomplish without notice by passers by.

It just so happens I'll be going to the airport this Friday evening. I look forward to viewing this impressive statue. I feel it extremely important "The Equestrian" be renamed for who it really represents, Don Juan de Oñate. Trying to smooth off history's rough edges by worrying what's in a name is little more than rewriting it.

If we permit our collective memories to be thusly fogged, it is quite possible in the future there may appear somewhere a large, anonymous public statue with an eerie resemblence to George W. Bush. It might be titled to evoke images of grandeur like "The Conqueror," "Empire Builder," or "The Demigod" in an effort to reprogram the reality of a "George W. Bush, Reservist Deserter," or "Pretender to the Throne," or "The Democracy Dismantler" that he really was. And if we're not vigilant, it could end up being the world's largest statue of a_________. (Readers are invited to fill in the blank.)


azgoddess said...

oh - about the foot - a bomb could be planted that would blow it off...that could be done simply and quickly..

and as far as if people would notice..come on my and i know they are only interested in themselves, their drama and the tv show they are currently missing - sad smile

And if we're not vigilant, it could end up being the world's largest statue of a_________. (Readers are invited to fill in the blank.)

humm, now what could that be that would represent baby bush for all eternity???

oh i got it, a person bent over (viewed from the rear) with their pants pulled down...butt up in the air...

kind-of what he's doing to us and the world!

D.K. Raed said...

wow, the scale of that statue is vividly shown in your linked video where the sculptor is standing on back of the horse.

I've been to that Acoma Pueblo. The natives were not friendly. Now I know why.

hahaha, good one az! reminds me of a geo carlin bit about the businessman carefully positioning himself behind the customer to service the account. so ... off to the side of that statue would be the small figure of a smirking GWB zipping up his pants, huh?

about your "fill in the blank" dada: I was thinking about what could be written under the statue, whatever the statue is. Something like, "George Walker Bush, 43rd President of the United States. He served 2 'terms' before the "Legacy" was installed & for which he is chiefly remembered and revered today as Legacy #1. 'Term' is a quaint word, no longer in use, that referred to the 4-year period between 'elections'. 'Election' has also been removed from the modern lexicon, having no relevance in current use. G.W. Bush was succeeded by Legacy #2, George P. Bush, in 2016, when he voluntarily stepped aside after being shown a video of the JFK assassination from an angle never seen before. Legacy #2 was quickly overthrown by Legacy #3A, hungry aetheling, Jenna Bush, who publically named her sister as Legacy #3B. Both of these Legacies drowned in 2026 in the worldwide rising tide of global warming, as they were visiting uncle osama in the coastal country of Kabushistan. Being non-productive in every sense, there was no bush primogeniture to succeed them. Legacy #4 was hotly contested, but finally awarded to Prescott Cheney Kissinger Cheney, a genetically produced immortal dna-combo who still reigns today over what is left of the world after The Great Purge. Long live the Legacy!"

Gah! Now I feel a little quesy, like the MacBeth witches stirring a cauldron of unpalatable bile. ~~ D.K.

meldonna said...

Drat this Blogger; I had a great comment the other morning, and it went away into the ether...I lost patience and logged off at once. Sometimes one has to count to ten...

Gosh, I but do wish there was some way to take that foot off! Oh, well; from the size of that thing, I guess they'll be able to see Onate from Juarez, steenking fence or no!

enigma4ever said...

hmmm, "World's Largest Statue of a "FOOTLOOSE LEADER"?...

okay tacky....but maybe everyone should decorate it with ONE shoe .....on his anniversary of his death- imagine how nice that would like- hundreds of One Shoes....

( BTW Peacechick has a Great inspiring Idea of Protesting with shoes)

I love how you speak of the "Erection" of this Statue..
ironically it is NOT ..well can't be fully appears- to be not so...

( It appears to be a Gelded Horse.....castrated...of course the Enigma might be a bit blind- but I think on a horse that size I would notice the bitties....)

BTW I love the idea of george off to the side-DK - you killed me as usual-