Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Travelling Tuesday

Well, heading up the road for Taos. I'm getting the idea it's going to be a different October there from what I'm reading of the extended weather forecast. That, and the following I just read:

Oh, man. It’s going to be different this winter. Another ten degrees lower today and we’d be up to our eyeballs in snow.

That's from John Farr who lives there. Well, maybe I'll throw a pair of pants in, just in case my legs get chilly.


azgoddess said...

i think it will be a far different winter...if this fall is any prediction -- here in the sw - our temps drops 20 degrees in one week...then we had rain/thunderstorms ann weekend....i've lived here for 25 years and can't remember when it's been this cold so soon into october....and never can i remember rain into october

enjoy your trip and bring a sweater!

i fear the worst for the midwest and eastcoast...

D.K. Raed said...

true, true, az. even with yrly fluctuations, this seems plain weird. we had a 17 degree drop in 2-hrs monday morning! Violent T-Storms. last yr we were running daytime A/C up to halloween.

in calif, we had similar events related to el nino. has el nino (or his nasty sister la nina) even been mentioned this yr? we always knew it was coming when exotic SW Pacific Ocean fish starting being pulled up San Diego to Ensenada. here, we're preparing for snow this year & not just our usual overnight-melts-by-noon kind. Does your jetta have 4WD?

dada, be safe, remember the snow rules, tho' I think any storm this early will be minor. ~~ D.K.

PTCruiser said...

Have a great trip, Dada. Looking forward to the photos.

dada said...

Hey, hi guys: It was a great drive up yesterday. Having a little problem connecting to the local network--don't know what the problem is...photos will have to wait til I do.

But yes, the weather does seem a bit erratic for sure. However, enjoyed all the snow on the mountains above Albuquerque.

Nona said...

D.K. the Raedy: El Nino has been mentioned here on the west coast. They say that's why it was a light year for hurricanes.

On our local news station, we have a favorite news anchor who has a quick wit. He asked the weatherman about how El Nino would effect our weather this year. The weather guy said it came too late to cause massive storms for us this winter.

Then the anchor guy said, if this was a 24-hour news channel, we'd have to hype it up.

As an example of 24-hour news hype, he made up a headline they might report, "Two people die of natural causes in Canada. You could be next."

enigma4ever said...

Have a great trip...we will be here waiting for the home movies ;-)