Thursday, October 12, 2006

Short note

What a great Wednesday it was. The weather was fantastic. Seems we got here a week or two after the peak autumn colors. That's unusual, as the second week in October is normally just about perfect. But we enjoyed a drive up to Arroyo Seco where we had a great visit with a couple of painters busily capturing the mountains above them, but not too busy to talk awhile too.

The evening was spent with friends as we rendezvoused at Eske's brewpub. Entertainment was provided by a small ensemble. And after a delicious Seco Porter, containing the sudden urge to dance an Irish jig was difficult.

I have been unable to mend the software that connects the laptop wirelessly to web. Yesterday while trying to connect to the wireless network in the inn, I somehow transmuted the software to a state of non-functioning. Hence, "live" photos may have to wait until our return to El Paso.

Today we'll probably hit a gallery or two, and catch the annual Taos Art Exhibit. But always there is time for serendipity, making it difficult to not feel you're in the middle of a huge and colorful abstract expressionist painting. It sure beats the hell out of the existing in the middle of the unfolding CNN nightmares of home!


azgoddess said...

i'm so wishing i were there instead of here, working on my house

but i think you inspired me to not just paint but PAINT!! grin

dada said...

Oooooh, az--it sounds like you've caught the same inspiration I'm presently enjoying. And, yes, since our return yesterday afternoon, I have a new energy.

But more than that, I also want to paint! But first I must make a small studio space from which to do it. (I hope the Taos inspiration doesn't fade before I get there.)