Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quote of the Day

"Congressmen are like diapers:
You need to change ’em often, and for the same reason."

Pete McCloskey


Anonymous said...

And yet another quote that I can directly relate to my knee-surgical dog right now. If he didn't already feel so awful, I'd try a dog diaper on him. But at least his poop is honestly-produced, not paid for by political lobbyists.

Oh & I see maineiac's back!!! With good stories about Havasupai. Sounds like an excellent spritually-uplifting vacation. I'll have to see more details later. Right now I'm sleep deprived & nothing makes much sense. D.K.

some_maineiac said...

another idea for a ribbon!

(so many ribbons, such a little car)

dada, I have to say that you're developing quite a biting, sarcastic wit in the style of Mr. Vonnegut and it's good to see!

speaking of poop, here's another appalling habit of many "campers" in Havasu canyon...toilet paper on the ground and the smell of urine everywhere in the area between our campsite and the east canyon wall 200' away...some yahoo even pitched a tent in the middle of it!

I'll grant you that the porta-potties are disgusting and who wants to walk a 1/2 mile to take a whiz, so dig a hole and bury that stuff, you morons! that habit might be somewhat acceptable in the east, because it rains semi-regularly and the paper does decompose, but you're in a desert canyon, for crying out loud!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, maineiac, you'll enjoy knowing some yahoo campers in a desert near my former home decided to sprinkle gasoline & BURN all their toilet paper & waste products before going back home. What were they thinking? It was tinder-dry high-fire danger time of year, and you guessed it ... started a huge wildfire destroying many acres of land for man & beast. We happened to be camping a few miles away when we saw the smoke & knew it was time to de-camp quick. Fire planes were right on it. Now get this, one of the campers was a former congressman who was out with his family "enjoying" the desert by ripping it all to hell in a group ATV orgy! WTF? D.K.

some_maineiac said...

sheesh, DK, that story must have been from back in the day when gasoline was cheaper and readily available for "necessities" like setting the high-country on fire..."camping" with ATVs (vroom, vroom, roar, roar), what a way to destroy the experience for others who might want only to listen to the small consolation of higher and higher gas prices is that there won't be enough to go around for those god-damned, infernal least, not for the average wage-earner...

dada said...

Interesting thread here. I've never done real camping...camping that leaves the kind of evidence of which you both speak--used TP or blackened landscapes, but your descriptions had my mind wandering to a post-Oil Age time when many who survive will be forced to return to Nature; of how man in his return to simpler times will have to learn to behave in Nature.

We'll be a true 'babe in the woods' (pun intended, I guess.)

BTW, TY maineiac for the nice Vonnegut comparison. Coming from a brother of Hunter Thompson, that's quite a compliment! (vroom, vroom, roar, roar on brother!)