Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A look at leakers.....

1. Your common garden variety type

One of the most common leakers is the very prevalent variety of hose with multiple holes running its entire length. It is found in many yards. They keep desired lawns and gardens cool and moist during hot summer months. A hundred foot length of such hose will have more leaks in it than the Pentagon, CIA and White House combined, however, it should be noted this latter group's leaks are far, far larger, yet can be very beneficial if the leak is authorized by the White House (or they can be equally damaging if unauthorized).


2. Broken levees, especially the New Orleans, Katrina kind.

These are especially beneficial in furthering the redistribution of wealth of the nation into the coffers of vice president Cheney-linked businesses such as Halliburton and its subsidiaries like Kellog, Brown, Root, etc.

More importantly, the leaking levees enable the Republican controlled government to remake New Orleans as god intended it to be: whiter, wealthier, especially with those po' folks of color removed.


For crème de la crème leakers, there are none better to be found than in the White House. Many of these have become household names: Cheney, Rove, Rice and Libby. Of course, "The Big Leak" is none other than el primo himself, president Bush.

A fine example is during Bob Woodward's book he was writing, Bush at War. During his research according to Joe Conason, "Woodward was told about covert operations, secret sources and methods, and relationships with foreign intelligence services, with the blessing of President Bush. After the publication of Bush at War, the President instructed top government officials to continue cooperating with Mr. Woodward..."

And this is where it all gets so confusing, because there are bad leaks too. That's what Bush is trying to prevent. Leakers of classified and secret information are being pursued by Bush for showing Americans the United States is engaged in torture, for releasing pictures of same, revealing Americans are being spied on by the National Security Agency, and most recently news of secret US prisons in Eastern Europe. Now keep in mind, if Bush releases classified information for a book being written about him, or to illegally out a covert agent of the CIA, it's okay.

But revealing illegal American activities that no one would have known about if they weren't illegally leaked is not okay. These are very, very bad leaks, says Bush. I'm of the mind that, just as two negatives make a positive, in this case two illegals make it legal. Hell, if Daniel Ellsberg hadn't leaked the Pentagon Papers, we may still be fighting the war in Vietnam in support of U.S. lies promoted to justify that war.

This is where so many of our government representatives get it wrong. Illegal activities used by the government against its own citizens or to start fallacious wars or violate international treaties does not deserve legal protection under a secret shield as classified information or national security. I, like every other American citizen, employ our government. That does not grant them permission to act as global rogue against the best interests of its citizens and against citizens of other nations in conducting the state's affairs.

How can it be that Mary McCarthy, alleged CIA leaker of our secret prisons, is fired within two weeks of her retirement and Bush, Rove, Cheney, Libby, Rice and gang continue to draw a salary for leaking anything they deem benefits 'em, even if at the expense of our security?

As Daniel Ellsberg said on this morning's "Democracy Now!" Mary McCarthy or whoever revealed "the secret US detention centers in Eastern Europe, upheld their oath to the Constitution in a way that none of their colleagues were doing and are now doing.
As Ellsberg reminds, the government employees take an oath "they're all favor of their secrecy agreement...a belief that they’ve promised to lie. I think Congress should tell them they haven't promised to lie."

As Ellsberg colluded:

"It's a great, great risk to have the amount of secrecy we do have right now that enabled the President to lie us into this war and is heading us toward a war that will be even more disastrous in Iran. And this is the time for unauthorized disclosures, which are the only kind that are going to tell us the truth about what's happening." And the person who reveals such information "might as well do what I did when I was indicted, say, Yes, I did this. I take responsibility for it. I did it, because the public needed this.”

What is the alternative if Bush is to have his way and outlaw leaks as Ellsberg is advocating? Well, it would then be up to each and every citizen to help Bush prevent all leaks. The "bad" ones, as well as Bush's--the "good ones"--that aid his causes of illegal prison camps, illegal torture and the illegal surveillance of American citizens.

We shall all have to do our part; to give Bush a hand to plug ALL leaks of classification and secret information. We will all be expected to put a finger in the dike, so badly leaking classified information and secrets. To everyone I say, "Plug the leaks! Everyone, give Bush a hand, or at least a finger!"


Anonymous said...

Yes, give Bush the finger! Dada, this could be a great national movement. Give Bush the Finger Day! Where everyone walks around permanently thrusting up that middle digit. I mean, people are already doing that in an uncoordinated way. Why not get in sync & direct it where it is most deserved?

And you included a dog paw! Have to say that's about how good my knee-surgery survivior pooch feels about now anyway. If he could, he would join in. As it is, he's just a GOOD LEAKER. D.K.

Anonymous said...

And I just noticed your picture has (3) lefties & (2) righties givin the finger ... and one of the righties is a dog. Now, what inference are we to make of this? Are you saying dogs would be more prone to watch Fox news? D.K.

dada said...

D.K. Welcome back to you and your post-op pooch. Congratulations! Yeh, I know, the long road of recovery lies ahead of you (all).

Truth be known, I thought of your dog before adding that bird dog's bird to the picture.

Keen observation re the number of lefties vs. righties in pic also, but I confess to some confusion as to your interpretation re dogs and Fox news? I'm either missing it, am among the 33% minority of Americans Maineac referred to in a comment somewhere here earlier today (i.e., a moron), or you really are weary and in need of rest? (grin)

Anyway, welcome back and good luck to your dogger.

Anonymous said...

OK, I only meant that since dogs love to chase foxes, they might be more likely to tune into Fox News & be thereby turned into righties. However, now that I think about it (and not wanting to appear in the 33% group no matter how sleep deprived), I think even a dog would see through their whole fare-n-balloxed POV. That even a canine with a broken knee would turn around & kick his back legs out (signifying pooh-on-you) when Hannity or O'Ratly appeared.

Thanks for the welcome-back! It's tough to see any family friend so reduced. Perhaps he'll be able to get up in a few days. For now, he's down & out (thanks to pain meds). D.K.