Wednesday, April 12, 2006

National Velveeta

On Monday, president Bush delivered a speech to an aspiring elite group of Johns Hopkins School of international relations students. Speaking at their School of Advanced International Studies, the president afterwards boldly opened the floor to questions from the student body.

One student's question dealt with bringing private contractors under a system of law, like the Uniform Code of Military Justice which applies to members of our military. She suggested that this may be a case where privatization may not work because of the lawlessness contractors operate under. The president muttered, "Hmmm" to this.

It was obvious the co-ed's knowledge exceeded the commander-in-chief's when he replied: "Yeh, I appreciate that very much. I wadn't kidding. I pick up the phone and say 'Mr. Secretary'" (referring to Don Rumsfeld), "'I got an interesting question.' This is what dele..I don't mean to be dodgin' the question, although it's kinda convenient in this case, but never (laughter) I really will, I'm gonna call the secretary and say you brought up a very valid question and what are we doing about it, 'cause that's how I work, I'm ah, ah, ahm, thanks."

Another great question on prostitution and the sex trade put to Bush by a student had him again dodging the question, admitting she obviously knew more about the subject than he, and he'd have to pose that question to his Oil Tanker secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice because he didn't know.

But imagine the extreme disappointment and disillusionment the students must have felt listening to Bush struggle to answer their questions; at their realization of having wasted so much time, effort and precious tens of thousands of dollars on needless education the president confirmed unnecessary through his answers. As Bush so awkwardly demonstrated, even an idiot or very disturbed person can be the mostest highest ranking person on Earth practicing advanceded international diplomatics.

Audio copy available at The White Rose Society, click on The Tuesday, April 11th, 2006 and once the audio's opened, slide the button to the right about 20-25% of the way. Comes complete with Mike Malloy's outraged comments.

Or you can watch the actual video of the Q&A session of Bush embarrassing himself at Johns Hopkins University


Anonymous said...

dada, I'll be listening to your link as soon as I figure out what's wrong with my speakers (I'm sure it's the handiwork of a canine culprit).

And I've been noticing lately Bush exhaling a heavy "hmmm" in a very worried way all through questions he can only vaguely respond to. I think in his mind "hmmm" means holy shit how can I weasel out of this one & still appear sane. Also, everything is "int-restin" & he "pree-shee-ates" ... what exactly? Today I heard him say "knowleges" as a plural of knowlege! My face froze in a rictus of horror, oooh nooo. D.K.

some_maineiac said...

it appears to me that learning how to "shuck-and-jive", tap-dance and evade direct answers to serious questions indicates a lack of conscience in practitioners of politics...this was never more apparent to me than after watching Feingold followed by Frist a few weeks ago on George Stephanopoulos's Sunday show...Feingold answered the questions put to him directly, while Frist did the old tap-dance and said nothing unless pinned down by repeated questioning

Nina said...

Bloody hell, Dada. I'm listening to the Q&A right now, and I cannot believe the stupidity of this man. Or the stupidity of his father, letting him get up on a podium and start ad-libbing. I suppose poor, addled George has been brainwashed and rebrainwashed enough for his father to know that all Dubya will say up there is some fanatical dribble about being pro-country, pro-initiative, pro-FREEDOM (can't forget that, now can we?).

He's so damn stupid.

Anonymous said...

Nina, I'm intrigued by your reference to Dubya's father as puppeteer, when here I've been thinking his total goal in life is to outdo old dad (in evilness if nothing else). And ... is that some kind of spaghetti monster, maybe someting from Douglas Adams you referred to before? Maybe you'll be wanting to say to the U.S., when you finally board that plane for G.B. "goodbye and thanks for all the fish"? (I THINK that's Adams, HOPE so or I'll appear a total wackaloon) !!! D.K.

Nina said...

Yes, the fish quote was Douglas, but the Spaghetti Monster (noticed I used all caps) is the supreme Creator of the Universe. See below link for more info on that.

p.s. I expect that i will eat more fish when I'm in the UK than I have ever eaten here. Maybe "thanks for all teaching me what not to do if i ever end up running a country" might be closer to the truth.

Nina said...

Oh, this also in reply to D.K.

I really don't think the man is smart enough to outdo his father in evilness. He's also not evil enough. He's just this big, dumb jingo that got to the top out of purely transitive momentum. It's not like he worked to get to where he is today; daddy held his hand the whole way.

What I have been considering lately is that Dubya is just so indoctrinated, he believes everything he does is his own choice, but I have no doubt that his father is the one formulating sinister plots in his bat cave, probably accompanied by his vampire servants and fairy slaves, or something along those lines. One never can tell, with republicans......

Anonymous said...

You know, Nina, there was that one really strange moment, now that I think of it, back when Poppy was introducing his spawn to a group of concerned oily fund-givers in 2000 ... where Jr looked so hopeless & Sr jumps in & says "don't worry about this kid, he's a good kid, he'll do a good job for you." I always wondered what kind of commitments were being winked at there. And sure, of course, duhhh-bya believes it all, he has to, if he starts doubting himself, we better all watch out. The only thing more dangerous than the masked lunatic is the unmasked monster! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Heh, heh, I'll check out the Spaghetti Monster ... are we talking a pastafarian revolution? D.K.

Anonymous said...

wow, nina, so this FSM is a whole movement afoot? well, I'm for anything that counteracts creeping theocracy. And there's even graphs ... that should set creationist's heads onfire. Hey, it makes a lot more sense than other faith-based science. Oh my ... "his noodly appendages" (!!!) could use some velveeta garnish (why do I feel i've fallen into an abbie hoffman-inspired flashback)? Must,,acquire,,pirate,,fish,, stencil. D.K.

dada said...

Hi DK: If ever so inclined to sport noodlely appendages publicly, may I recommend our friend Nona over at Fishwars.

Besides its creator, Nona is also partly to blame for this blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

dada, thanks for sending me to see Nona's complicity in this covert movement! probably not original except to me, but I just thought of a lapel pin "Athiests for Jesus" that tickled my fancy. "Athiests for Christ" is good, too. Now there's a sunday sermon even I might attend, especially if it started with the beatitudes. D.K.

dada said...

D.K. -- listen, much of this religious debate is extremely foreign to me, having never been indoctrinated. After Catholicism nearly killed my mother years before with a couple of miscarriages, my parents seemed to lose a little interest. Hence, by the time I came along, it just wasn't all that important to them anymore.

Leaving my religious education up to me, I much preferred playing outside with friends on Sunday mornings rather than sitting in some stogy church.

However, several years ago Nona had the "perfect" symbol for me as an answer to the Xtians and the Darwinists. It was a fish with a tail at both ends with the word, "Aliens" in the fish body.

Well, if we weren't the result of some genetic tweaking by superior lifeforms, I don't know what. Neither Darwin nor Jesus quite grabbed it for me, but the alien fish was right on cue.

BTW, although it's been quite a number of years since procuring that alien fish (no longer available, DRATS!), it's still as good as the first day I stuck in on the car's backend. (You can catch a hint of my great 'alien fish'on my 2/28/06 blog, "Some things DO get better with age!" It's here.It's he little black plaque above the trunk keyhole.

It may be the one remaining thing that keeps me from selling my favorite little car-- I know I can't replace that great alien plaque.

Now back to "America: Medical update...."--and my TRYING to respond to Nina on this very difficult question she asked: interpreting the CRA she found on Wikipedia. (Smart kid, dumb blog host.)