Wednesday, April 12, 2006

America -- a Very Sick Nation!

It's not that Bush appears on the world stage and makes an idiot of himself continuously, confirming what the rest of the world already knows, i.e., that our president and his administration is whacko. What really upsets me with that is Bush takes us with him. It makes each and everyone of us sickos too! Yes, sadly, we've become a country of idiots. That's the state of America today--a rogue nation, mucking up security globally. America is a loose cannon rolling dangerously around a ship's deck destroying shit in turbulent seas made increasingly more perilous by a captain and his cadre of officer's controlling its helm.

When I speak of our president as an idiot, I'm not referencing his dyfunctional psychologies that manifest in ways that would render him unemployable in a fast food chain or car wash, work places that require one to be alert, able to react to situations without stammering, have the agility to be flexible, the ability to think on one's feet, and probably most important, a capacity for civility and pleasant demeanor with everyone, whether he agrees with then or not. You don't destroy customers who may be difficult or do not agree with you.

It's doubtful Bush could last a week in jobs such as those, his only qualification being his daddy was a congressman, CIA head and former president. And in those jobs his daddy got him (to include his present one), he's mucked 'em all up badly. But none of his previous jobs threatened civilization and life on Earth before.

No, when thinking of Bush as idiot, I'm talking about the betrayals of the American public uncovered about, or conceded by, this administration day after day. I needn't repeat 'em here, we're all buried deeply beneath growing heaps of their bullshit and lies. And it's sheer lunacy.

And the military isn't any help, as witnessed by Tuesday's press conference love-in conducted by Rumsfeld and his chief love interest Peter (General) Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and top military "yes man". Idiots.

And the jello journalists especially are not doing their job, as witnessed by Tuesday's corps of 'em in attendence at that charade. Practicing the Bush administration tactic of disarming an already impotent media audience with a terrible pun or bad joke tossed to the ravenous audience with their resultant chuckles and guffaws of ecstasy really, really sickens me! Such pissant wimps. The press is impressed by pressing the sheets of the same bed with these perpetraitors of international crimes against humanity. As Bush himself must think, "The press are idiots!"

And on and on it goes down the line. From the intel community that has become nothing more than manufacturers of "facts" to support the administration's delusional fantasies, the FBI that is so busy spying on Americans to preclude 'em fighting real terrorism, to a congress that can't even slap the president on the wrist with a pitiful censure. They're all freakin' idiots. And at some point, this creeps downward and engulfs each and everyone of us. We all become nutso accomplices because, no one seems able to stop the insanity. So we all must condone it, right? You know the world is shaking its collective head in utter disbelief.

And so, here we go again. Prepping for another war with the same hackneyed and contrived excuses we've heard before and before. With two messes decaying into greater chaos daily, we're about to start another in Iran. Oh, but this one will be different they fantasize. We all know Iran is just seething beneath the surface to overthrow their fanatical leadership. Geez, that sounds like all those roses Iraqis threw at the feet of their American invaders three years ago. Not to worry, when we get thru with Iran, we'll have converted the entire populace into a frothing anti-American mob.

But what really--no, really!--disturbs me is the rest of the world seeing our psychopathic personalitied leadership as totally whacked out on their dangerous bloodlusty adventurism that more and more includes me, and you, and all of us as part of this insanity. And there seems absolutely nothing any of us can do about it. We truly are a very sick nation.


Anonymous said...

Dada, I was having such fun on your previous posts, I only just got around to reading this one! What makes you think you've lost your groove, man? There's a groovy wave running all through your head, flowing out to your keyboard and beyond, where we can all receive & appreciate your thoughtful insights & wry witty barbs. Why, if your groove were any deeper, it would probably cut a physical trench straight to DC.

And as far as creeping bushism taking over America, well, when you hear people like me start saying Nyu-cyu-lar, better remember those doppleganger pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers & head for the hills. D.K.

some_maineiac said...

Although the headline news regarding Iran in the local paper is bad, I do take heart in the stories they've printed off the AP wire in which polls are indicating that America is fast getting fed up with the current "perpetraitor" goverernment of both political parties...fed up enough to make a viable Independent candidacy for president a reality...I've expressed doubts elsewhere about the traditional effects of such a candidacy, but perhaps if a critical mass of support can be found, President Feingold might be something that could really happen...certainly, of all the names I'm hearing for potential nominees, (McCain, Gingrich, Hilary) he seems the best suited for the office...someone with a conscience!

dada said...

D.K. Thanks for the kind words. You mean to say, maybe I haven't lost my groove?!(grin)

"...better remember those doppleganger pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers & head for the hills."

This may be excellent advice. You think that's what Maineiac's really doing with his little jaunt (disguised as a "vacation") into the wilderness of the American Southwest maybe?

dada said...

Maineiac: I guess I'm one of those who always sees the glass as half empty. That must be so, because it would explain my reaction a day or two ago to the latest poll (yeh, I know, those damn polls!) according to the press reporting it, 40% of Americans favor bombing Iran!

Well, that sent me into a rabid mouth frothing fit. In validation, my wife joined me too, while our dog just lie there, staring up at her parents dumbfoundedly.

So Hillary already has a war chest in excess of $20 million. Assuming she's going to get the nomination, who among the democrats would have the ganos to step outside (the party) and duke it out in a three-way melee? Plus, the media wouldn't cover the rogue anyway. No, they'd discredit any such poor bastard.

Oh, ignore 'half-empty' me.

Nina said...

Douglas Adams once said, in some book or other, that Great Britain is like a sensible 35-year old woman, while America is like a belligerent 12-year old boy. A wise man was he.

Though I am interested in living in New York for a while, I am leaving the country (incidentally, for Great Britain) shortly after I graduate high school. Then, the presidency of the good ole' US of A won't bear on my personal life in any way, unless of course, he decides to bomb England as well.

As long as George Bush Sr. is alive, the presidency will be in the bag for that family. If he dies "suddenly" of "natural causes", the country may have a chance in hell.

What we really need is a Zen Buddhist black female president.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nina (above), congratulations on your planned escape to GB! I'm sure you're right, we probably won't bomb them ... although ya never know, what with Rummie's thinking on "old europe" and all. Hope you'll let us back here doing time stateside know how things are over there. And hummmm, you got anyone in mind for the "zen buddhist black female" party ticket? D.K.

dada said...

Nina: Well, how exciting for you to be going to Britain. Do you realize how many Americans would probably like to tag along with you? (Probably 210-220 million!)

Hmmm, a zen buddhist Afro-American female for president? I think she's probably suggesting Tina Turner, D.K.

midwestgayguy said...

I agree that Bush is a f*cking moron and worthless as a leader. And its embarrasing that we all have to go along on this nightmare of a ride. But lets not forget that the American people put him there. Lets take some responsibility. No, I did not vote for in either election.

dada said...

midwestgayguy: I basically agree. The only problem is where OUR responsibility ends because that's where the voting machine's responsibility takes over and I'm very certain in my heart that George Bush won neither of the last two elections.

If true, our gravest responsibility is to do something about it, rather than irresponsibly rolling over and just accepting it.

And it that vein, I would quote from "our president"...."All cards are on the table."