Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sometimes it's not easy being grey

Pony, my editor, resting tentatively beside me this morning.

Update on Pony the greyhound:

I had mentioned in a comment here somewhere yesterday how we are experiencing some dog health problems. As a result, I've been detached from the news of Bush and his administration's latest impact on the Earth.

And these appear to be exciting days. I did hear Bush made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on his way to India. Surprise visits are the only way Bush can safely show his face in that part of the Middle East that he's secured for those budding democracies there. Later, I thought I caught a glimpse of some protests of Bush's visit to India. But it was nice to see him seal a deal to share nuclear technology with the Indians. I'm just wondering if he'll do the same for their perennial rivals, the Pakistanis, when he visits there next. The irony of Bush proliferating nuclear capability here and deterring it there must be real amusing to him.

And then I missed much of the hoopla over the tapes some MSM entity released they've been sitting on for awhile. That really wasn't much of a story so much as confirmation of everything Bush was lying to us about as far as his pre-Katrina knowledge. So no big deal there, really. Some medium was stone walling release of Katrina information many Americans would have found interesting as historical footnote into the operating efficiencies and motives of this administration. But in all fairness to the president, Katrina did strike at a terribly inopportune time for its victims because our president still had a few days left on his five week vacation. I'm sure, had Katrina just waited til after Labor Day, hundreds of more lives could have been saved!

So I regret missing all that's going on in the news and the fact I may have missed the opportunity to see our president in a turbin. But what I regret far more is what's been going on with our greyhound, Pony. So, to those who expressed their kindest thoughts and wishes for her, let me just give a brief update.

Old Po' is still very stressed this morning. BUT...she had a better night because she was able to get some rest. A trip to the vet yesterday began her on some pain meds, anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic. Her first night with this, she was able to lie down for one two hour stint and that came only as a result of sheer exhaustion.

Yesterday, I began putting her down, i.e., picking her up and lying her down. This appears to be the same problem she first exhibited about a year ago which was diagnosed as a neck problem. We've had her on muscle relaxants off and on for the past year, using 'em as needed when needed. The hardest part of the past year for ol Po' was placing her favorite haunts off limits to her. Places like her favorite bed and loveseat. This we did to prevent her from further damaging her neck jumping up or down on them. There are still days when I catch her looking up at those old haunts longingly.

But this time her problem is far, far worse, and the inch or two rise from the patio into the house is a major obstacle for her. But last night she was able to get rest because I have begun putting her down thus enabling her to get some shallow breathing, panting sleep. I'm hopeful today will show further improvement as the meds begin to take hold. We shall see.

Thanks for everyone's concern and well wishes. Will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Dada, I'm so glad to hear Pony managed to get some rest last night. When our previous Aust Shep was in his last 30-days, he got "Piroxocam", a very strong anti-inflammatory. It's so potent, it can destroy the intestines, so he also got an Rx antacid. At first, he actually regained strength to the point we were encouraged, so I wanted to pass that drug name along. He was strong again for three weeks, pulled my arm out on his short walks, but then went downhill fast. My husband ended up hoisting him up & down, in & outside, but we knew when he couldn't even lift his leg to pee, it was time.

BTW, you can buy or make a dog sling that will enable you to help Pony over the door threshold or small stairstep. When using it, it looks like you're carrying a canine suitcase. We made one using an old canvas log carrier with handles.

Anyway, you'll know the feeling, the day finally came & went, but the actual moment of painless passing was amazing. I felt priviledged to have shared it with my old friend as we stretched out on the floor, him leaning against my legs & me rubbing his shoulders, whispering into his ear what a good brave boy he was. He actually licked the vet's hand, too, kind of a hold-harmless agreement.

OK ... sorry, I didn't mean to get into such detail. What I REALLY wanted to say you must already know. Dogs don't think of the future & they don't regret the past (lucky them), all they really want is your love and presence & that is what you are giving her now. D.K.

enigma4ever said...

I left you a messege last night- but I can't remember if it was an email or comment- but please know that Morphine can be used for dogs and with good results- our little scotty Bogie was on Morphine for about five monthes and with good effect he was able to be quite comfy and it got rid of the panting and worked right away when he was on the right dose- and dogs have to be on bigger doses than people- the VETS at Fort Collins Vetinary College - or U.of Colorado helped a local vet with the dosage amounts etc. If you want me to research names and numbers just yell...Icey here by the Lake-so am staying home today....

would a soft splint help her neck?

Blessings to you and Missus and beautiful Pony....Greyhounds are treated like noble royal hounds at your home...Bless you for that...

enigma4ever said...

lighting another candle for the night for you all....