Monday, March 06, 2006

Pony update

We went again to see the vet today. It's a clinic with many doctors. Last week, our regular vet we always request was off. So Pony saw another. We were not familiar with this particular doctor, but liked her very much. She has kept tabs on Pony all week since our visit.

But Pony has shown little improvement, despite the medications she was prescribed. The one thing I learned from our first visit after watching the techinicians lay her on an exam table was a point I'd forgotten: Pony doesn't need to walk around for endless hours in stress until total exhaustion overtakes her. I can pick her up and lay her down! And after I do that, she rests comfortably, often for hours.

Still Pony remained stressed and unable, or unwilling, to lie down on her own, indicating it must be uncomfortable or painful for her to do so.

A year or so ago she suffered a similar problem. It was a neck problem, from the vet's diagnosis. Today, the same vet said her neck seemed to be good, i.e., she manipulated it into many positions w/o protest from Pony. Pony, has also lost about 3 pounds since her visit last week, despite her normal appetite.

And so, the doctor ordered up X-rays. We were delighted at their results--inside, Pony looks very good for an old dogger nearing 10 years of age. So, our vet has decided to ween her off some of the meds of which, one or two may actually be causing her stress rather than relieving it. The source of her discomfort is still undetected, but her X-rays look great!

And so it goes, we're hoping Pony will show signs of improvement. If not from the meds, from the reduction of them, or ultimately from time alone. Thanks to Maineiac for asking, for reminding me I've been lax in updating a situation I was eager to blog about. Perhaps it was because, until today, there was little to update. Hopefully, in a couple of days, something positive will remain to be revealed.


enigma4ever said...

Thanks for giving us an is good to know how the Beauty is doing- I didn't want to keep asking...When my Abby didn't seem to b getting better at one point- it turned out that the pain meds made her feel slumpy and draggy and reallly really nauseaous- I was living in a neighborhood in Ca. full of Mediterannean Folks- and "Tony" from Portugal said that she needed something for her tummy- his solution- was Vanilla Gelato- and you know what- it helped- the sugar and the made a huge difference...

Okay there is your silly nurse idea of the day.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, dada, thank you sooo much for Pony's update. Good x-rays at 10-yrs is very encouraging. And she didn't complain during neck manipulation, that's a good sign, too. And you've been physically laying her down yourself ... what a good dada! I bet when she looks up at you with those lovely grrrrhundt eyes, that makes it all worthwhile.

For whatever it's worth, when my Labrador Lass went through a round of x-rays last year that did not show anything & yet I knew something was amiss, we sprung for ultrasound scans. The end result of those was "nothing obvious at this time, let's wait & see if her symptoms worsen or other symptoms arise". She still has problems, though not pain, but at 12-yrs, we just appreciate every day we have. Sometimes there just is no answer as to WHY & that's frustrating. If only we could do the "vulcan-mind-meld" & get it straight from the horse's (er, pony's) mouth. D.K.

dada said...

e4e: Thanks for the hint. We save and file these away. Never know when we might need it!

After our company a week ago last Saturday eve, we had some ricotta cheese left over. We discovered Pony took pills easier with that than anything.

At the first sign of her reluctance, my wife added a little sugar. The rest is history. She woofs down the pills with great ease now. So the Vanilla Gelato sounds right up that alley.

Thanks! Oh, and thanks for staying in touch...even if you get that invite to Carmel.

dada said...

D.K. Ooooh, the ultrasound scans. Our dear departed Mr. Cooper and his "sister" both had them.

I got to be the lucky one cradling their heads as they lay ever so patiently in a trough being scanned. Annie had hers about a year before Cooper after, what we now suspect was a case of oleander poisoning--her scan showed nothing. (She almost expired on my foot in the vet's waiting room...but thankfully, overcame it to live another 20 wonderulf months.)

And Mister Cooper, that dear gentle boy, had his ultrasound about a year ago...about 2 1/2 mos. before he left us. It was inconclusive as well.

But I cradled that dear boy's head in my arms for over an hour while watching his insides being revealed. He was so very, very wonderfully patient and uncomplaining.

Afterwards outside, I told him, "You know, after that experience, you and I are soulmates for ever after." It was like a cosmic union that shall never be broken.

Thanks for sharing your Lab Lass's current condition. And yes, we should appreciate every day we have with 'em.

Altho, some nights are more difficult than others. Like last night with The Po'. She told mom she needed to get outside, but mom wasn't quite quick enough with the patio door.

Pony lost part of her dinner. Poor wife...picking thru Pony's "gift" trying to see which medications she might have lost as I was recovering the rest of it.

We thought that was that. I'd laid Po' down at the foot of the bed and was just drifting off to lalaland when I heard the most awful sound of liquids gushing forth from Po's direction. Yep, she'd lost the rest of her dinner and it was back to clean-up.

But to see her come skipping out of the exam room this morning at the sight of us, makes it an insignificant price to pay.

some_maineiac said...

i'm glad you could post something up-beat about pony's health...odd that the poor thing can get around OK on level ground, but can't lie down...good for you for sensing how you could help out a little by laying her down for some much needed rest time...