Monday, December 03, 2012

Good news! Bad news!


The Paris-based International Energy Agency says "the United States will surpass Saudi Arabia’s oil production by around 2020 with the aid of controversial techniques such as 'fracking,' tar sands extraction and horizontal drilling. Much of the oil in question is tightly concealed in rock formations that may be blasted with chemical-laden fluid and drilled into horizontally as part of the extraction process."


El Paso-based Dada's Dally says, "the United States will surpass all nations in its need/importation of drinking water by around 2020. Those nations with drinking water not trading it to the U.S. will be "democratized" (by military force, of course)."

On another BAD NEWS! note, Dada's Dally also foresees the potential threat from energy hungry nations China, India, and others invading/liberating/"democratizing" [colonizing] the U.S. (by military force, if necessary, of course) for its oil.


D.K. Raed said...

Hey Dada, on first read, I thought you'd written "tar sands extinction" ... immediately thinking of the K-T and even larger extinction events, I did a head-snap ... re-reading you had actually written extraction was good news!

Bad News: remember the world's largest fresh water aquifier is in Paraguay under land purchased by W and bunch of his partners in crime ... thus the man will continue to haunt us into the far future ... bottled water brought to you by jenna bush and her daddy?

Other Bad News: what goes around, comes around, eh?

Anonymous said...

Too bad more people aren't such thoughtful listeners to the news as you are.

Dada said...

D.K. ~ Oh thanks one helluva lot. Now there's a new horrifying image seedling you've planted in my brain that's sprouting: Hordes of WalMart shoppers in long checkout lines with shopping carts loaded with "Jenna Juice."

Fran said...

You served up a reality check in the red zone here. Good to know you still "give a frack" about the future of America.

PS Don't ya just love the commercials promoting Fracking.... American flags, Main street & bakeries, no doubt selling Apple Pie. Touting the "j word" (jobs).... never mind the secret, uh I mean proprietary toxic chemicals used & how much water needed for the process, both draining water reserves & making what's left a carcinogenic toxic brew...
Ain't progress great???

Why mess around w actual clean energy-- like Solar & Wind-- it's about getting rich quick.

Pishaw! Happy New Year to ya anyway!

Bobby said...

Silly libtards. Doesn't it ever get boring?

Cindy Sheehan? Hilarious.

Sad and pathetic dopes.